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The Weather in my backyard last 24 hours 
Updated rainfall charts

We all know the weather controls us. Face it, it just cannot be any other way. We also have to acknowledge that things change.

The Mediterranean, Port Philip Bay. These places were not there before the Pyramids! The beaches we are so attached to, covered in the great vegetation we all used to run through and hide, are relatively new, are ephemeral in the grand design of things.

Mean while we can document the evolution of our surroundings, or I want to.
Hence the above site to watch the weather.
My active weather site is because I always wanted a weather station.
I have three wall clocks with analog thermometers, hygrometers and one with a barometer.
One tocked  too loudly, and was banned from the bedroom.
Then I got a digital weather station that gave me inside and outside temp and humidity.
A year later I got a full weather station kit with wind direction and strength and weather prediction!
This I could put out on the web if I wanted to. So I did
I use Cumulus from Sundaysoft, an Orkney based programmer, & donated I like it so much-  and I have become a real part of a weather monitoring web.

The graphs below are my 9.00am rainfall readings recorded on (groan) Microsoft Excel.
I heard today that 2010 rain i the district was below average- bah- I see from my records it is not.
There also seems to be a cycle or trend that lasts about three years.
Overall rain seems to be decreasing since I started my records.

Rainfall records from my the backyard since 1999 are now to be seen at my weather data blogged here