Tone-in-oz just doing it anyway


Third Person...
Widowed exRigPigGeo
50yr old dad of 4 'teens'
Raising kids alone since 9/2000
Misses a lot of things

  • Tarn
  • sailing
  • Tarn 
  • Probably school friends
  • And probably Danielle too

Coffee monster- burnt out one expensive espresso machine,
Cannot have more than 2 real espressos per day
Instant Moccona Coffee goes down like water, explain that!

Family (close and extended) and Friends are  important.

First Person...
Never realised what I had, and now it's gone.
I like gadgets, speed-sailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps.
I'm a GEMINI and that allows for two faced-ness
I have sites-
I want to get into geothermal exploration in my local district and there should be lots of potential sites for an alternative energy source locally. After all, there are coal mines and oil and gas kitchen sites

Raising four children has been a... experience. At least the last ten years or so.
I have had help at times, and the kids are all the better for having those people in our lives. I am the eldest of six kids, so helping out as a child at home back in the sixties and seventies probably allowed me to be able to handle the present situation- a SNAG? Mum always encouraged me to be at least charming... 

I love reading- any time- any place.
I was a Biggles fan in primary school, I used to read under the desk and was always called to attention.
The local library was visited nearly everyday while in high school for SF and rock-n-roll bios thru the 70's.
SF remained a passion, since 1979 been subscribed to three magazines.

I love to catch up with old friends, and enjoy time with my relatives