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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Woopie trails in the desert and old music compilation cassettes

Woopie trails in the desert and old music compilation cassettes

Before the last job started I found and put in the van old music compilation cassettes. Thus, I was in a travelling time machine, as each was played once through in the van. At least eight tapes I think- it was a eight hour trek to the Other Littler Big Smoke. That was a few weeks ago. "A Wednesday in September". The tapes were all from the eighties, late night recordings of favorite album songs back then, after a night out with Tarn or the boys and sleep was too far away. Tracks from Men At Work, Spit Enz, Beach Boys, Talking Heads... In other words, a few. Trouble was, being tapes, no fast forward...

The woopie we are using to get to the desert and back has radio and a CD player with no MP3 connection. And no auto fridge [for the beer cold drinks.] The trip up and around the desert was not that boring, my friend Doug has a history in the oilpatch going back a long way, so many tales are etched in the back of my mind.

September. That's a long while ago, and the kids have missed me. Really? #2Son has nearly finished last year of high school and last exams, telling me "I am studying", other people worrying that it does not look like it. Even If I Was Home, I am more than sure he would be telling me that same thing anyway, whether he had or not. Being a teenager once, I remember that.

And I am up here, for now, or longer? There was much to-ingand fro-ing on progress the last few days, will this be done or that. One choice was an sxtra ten days- not taken finally. Whew.

I have been at the desert job for so long now, I am getting used to the sub-luxurious living conditions and a the far off life of being the dependable single dad is fading away... Wow, more than that now, the Melbourne Cup is on as I write. Weird life. Not  a housework thang to do. Nice. In a small way.

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