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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Okay, we can get on a comet too

Well. well Well

sorry geo joke

Just think a little bit.
WE [the world?] have got to Mars

AND NOW a comet!!

I am sort of excited- a robot is landing on a COMET-

well Hal- what can you say?

'get offa me?'

Don think so

If you can wonder, a comet could be converted into a Interstellar vehicle with enuff oommph from commercial people in the future, why restrict funding in getting out of our Solar system, really, we all have had enough warnings that on the state of our economies


Monday, September 22, 2014



At last!

 Have found some one to help with GPS logging unit for my speed-sailing windsurfing pastime down at Sandy Point, South Gippsland, Victoria. Well worth the ninety minute trip down this time!

It has taken two years of procrastination, but finally used my GPS logger for sailing rather than just a now and again car or plane trip! Not a fad now fella!
Of course a little hiccup- the water proof pouch was not where I thought it was, but then a week later- it was in the sailing kit all along, bummer dude, but the plastic shopping bags used did a fine job, and with the unit stuck under my chin under the wetsuit, managed a fair velocity up to 27 knots in wind of 10 to 15 knots. Or up to 50 kmh! yay me, and that was with a 6.5m2 Severne sail, ah.

Yes, ahh, the new gear has been nice and forgiving and good too.

So I will have to get more time on the water, and maybe put myself on the GPS-Speedsailing board, all it takes is time and confidence.

The jibing seems to be coming together again now, so that is good! If you take a close look, some runs end really well, some NOT.

Location and tracking- 20 kms in 25 runs less than an hour I think, still have to fine tune the GPSResults tables!  tracks- red hi velocity, blue, beach walking... scale at below tracks in knots

next- will get a meteorological station just for this beach so I know from where it blows at what strength- and that will be first weekend November! Speed week usually on then at Sandy Point, but no one else has thought to install one like here.

And the ranking of the days sailing 

GPSResults V6.123
filename: I:\GPSResultsV6\New folder\2014\sandypointSep14\ADFORD2011_103200745_20140918_104159 - Copy.SBN
altitude(s) not considered
accumulated Doppler speeds
cubic spline integration (10/20s), one run per leg
total time: 34min, total length: 15.307km

  time        m   [knots]
11:40:39    14.1  27.428+/-1.011
13:02:57    13.6  26.514+/-1.108
13:12:30    13.6  26.436+/-1.361
13:15:27    13.6  26.359+/-1.322
13:08:50    13.5  26.203+/-1.283
average[2]:  49.950km/h  26.971knots
average[3]:  49.620km/h  26.793knots
average[5]:  49.241km/h  26.588knots

  time        m   [knots]
11:40:43   108.0  26.235+/-1.161
13:12:37   104.3  25.355+/-1.266
13:08:53   104.0  25.265+/-1.273
13:18:10   100.4  24.403+/-1.227
11:37:58   104.6  22.590+/-1.037
average[2]:  47.772km/h  25.795knots
average[3]:  47.445km/h  25.618knots
average[5]:  45.873km/h  24.769knots

  time        m   [knots]
13:12:50   259.4  24.015+/-1.217
11:40:43   250.7  23.210+/-1.114
12:52:53   254.3  21.489+/-1.130
11:27:52   259.3  21.003+/-0.953
12:01:24   256.8  20.798+/-1.008
average[2]:  43.731km/h  23.613knots
average[3]:  42.419km/h  22.905knots
average[5]:  40.935km/h  22.103knots

  time        m   [knots]
12:53:04   502.0  20.331+/-1.125
11:28:15   501.2  20.298+/-0.974
11:58:42   503.7  18.475+/-1.061
13:20:36   501.7  18.058+/-1.218
12:58:32   503.4  17.790+/-1.140
average[2]:  37.623km/h  20.315knots
average[3]:  36.487km/h  19.701knots
average[5]:  35.170km/h  18.990knots

  time        m   [knots]
11:40:40    28.0  27.243+/-1.079
13:02:57    27.1  26.339+/-1.176
13:15:27    27.0  26.271+/-1.380
13:12:31    27.0  26.232+/-1.351
13:08:51    26.8  26.048+/-1.273
average[2]:  49.617km/h  26.791knots
average[3]:  49.296km/h  26.618knots
average[5]:  48.942km/h  26.427knots

  time        m   [knots]
11:40:43   131.6  25.573+/-1.182
13:08:56   128.9  25.055+/-1.265
13:12:40   128.6  24.998+/-1.245
13:18:11   125.3  24.355+/-1.226
11:38:01   115.5  22.454+/-1.026
average[2]:  46.882km/h  25.314knots
average[3]:  46.687km/h  25.209knots
average[5]:  45.350km/h  24.487knots

  time        m   [knots]
13:12:50   247.0  24.003+/-1.216
11:40:43   239.5  23.281+/-1.115
12:52:51   223.3  21.707+/-1.143
11:27:53   218.2  21.204+/-0.971
12:01:24   217.1  21.103+/-1.010
average[2]:  43.785km/h  23.642knots
average[3]:  42.591km/h  22.997knots
average[5]:  41.225km/h  22.260knots

alpha 500/50m:
  time        m   [knots]
13:12:27   494.9  16.034+/-1.509
13:13:42   497.2  13.612+/-1.386
13:16:32   468.0  13.578+/-1.514
13:00:05   498.4   8.497+/-1.203
12:57:24   214.0   3.354+/-1.290
average[2]:  27.452km/h  14.823knots
average[3]:  26.684km/h  14.408knots
average[5]:  20.400km/h  11.015knots

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lost me phone...

Lost me phone...
as put in at the other blog in case you missed it!

And it was funny much later i tell you!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Woopie trails in the desert and old music compilation cassettes

Woopie trails in the desert and old music compilation cassettes

Before the last job started I found and put in the van old music compilation cassettes. Thus, I was in a travelling time machine, as each was played once through in the van. At least eight tapes I think- it was a eight hour trek to the Other Littler Big Smoke. That was a few weeks ago. "A Wednesday in September". The tapes were all from the eighties, late night recordings of favorite album songs back then, after a night out with Tarn or the boys and sleep was too far away. Tracks from Men At Work, Spit Enz, Beach Boys, Talking Heads... In other words, a few. Trouble was, being tapes, no fast forward...

The woopie we are using to get to the desert and back has radio and a CD player with no MP3 connection. And no auto fridge [for the beer cold drinks.] The trip up and around the desert was not that boring, my friend Doug has a history in the oilpatch going back a long way, so many tales are etched in the back of my mind.

September. That's a long while ago, and the kids have missed me. Really? #2Son has nearly finished last year of high school and last exams, telling me "I am studying", other people worrying that it does not look like it. Even If I Was Home, I am more than sure he would be telling me that same thing anyway, whether he had or not. Being a teenager once, I remember that.

And I am up here, for now, or longer? There was much to-ingand fro-ing on progress the last few days, will this be done or that. One choice was an sxtra ten days- not taken finally. Whew.

I have been at the desert job for so long now, I am getting used to the sub-luxurious living conditions and a the far off life of being the dependable single dad is fading away... Wow, more than that now, the Melbourne Cup is on as I write. Weird life. Not  a housework thang to do. Nice. In a small way.

ciggies, medictns

"dear sir, I cannot but will try..."

"dear sir, I cannot but will try..."

paraphrased from a daily paper, sorry...

I could have had a "free uni education" after high school. [true]
I could have got into a okay job with that degree. [also true]
I took time out of the Oil patch for a pretty good reason. [true]
I put up with jibes [or 'those' looks] of chickening out [maybe true].
I took time to raise kids without a partner at the tax payers expense [true] so that four future taxpayers would contribute to the nations' GDP after a good education. [hope it comes true]

Now these days to get a job, you need to be at least 15yrs old to leave home to get a job stacking shelves, or pouring someones else's coffee for a buck. This is all that's left these days! No real trade teaching until 17 or 18! If you can get it, or if you do, can hack it!

If you do stay on to finish high school, job opportunities are nearly the same as above. If an apprenticeship comes up, it may not "pay well enough" to keep the phablet generation going- the pub and friends are pretty insistent on company, and the job could be lost due to lack of interest or funds available to afford the newest phone, as there is still a government support scheme... Or was.

No manufacturing cars, socks, pants, shirts or even stainless steel plant jobs are around for the growing  population of phablet holders - X gen or Y gen or whatever comes next.  It is cheaper to move that stuff overseas according to the boardroom boys and girls and the ever venerated bottom line. Or until their own GDP rises and their kids are left to pour coffee...

Of course further education can be found, the cheap end for plumbers or high end for lawyers. [we always need those two people- true?]


But now because the tightass end of town, the [Wall St?] "failures" have to keep their Mcmansions of course, lowered government incomes [less of the population paying tax as unemployment goes up and pay rates down for the rest] that held the purses for the cheap further education has actually tightened up the disbursements to that end, so that the kiddies get put on "the drip" to pay any further education costs back, once the threshold income has been attained... Once it was practically free...

Which also that means the lower end of the pay-scale people cannot afford the low end education, or even the middle class education type - accountants, philosophers, nurses and other professionals are being imported- meaning there are brain drains around the world. To here...

The point being "dear sir, I cannot but will try..." letters are being posted. 

Lots apparently.

Yes. The pollies are sick and tired of paying out dole money, and sick and tired of bailing out car  and shirt makers, and wont pay a paramedic or train driver to stick around all day waiting for customers... 

Apparently "the people" are sick and tired of those things too. 

And some are tired of the tide of migrants coming in to take "our kids' job". 

Hmm. Never give a sucker a chance, mon.  Hope the whingers are not second or third or twentieth generation descendents of immigrants either...

Share the loot mon, c'mon!

Betchya heaps they are Not, especially if they have teen aged kids to support and educate.

The notion that there are heaps of jobs out there is flawed. These days.
The notion that education will get you a job is flawed too. These days.

Certain pollies thinks [PS- WILL BE MAKING] that 250,000 odd kids (15-24) SHOULD BE applying forty times a month for jobs [they probably cannot fit into] AND THAT IT cannot be too hard, AND I think it will be a fact soon. Read the paper. As this is only an opinion, and having been there and done that, there are probably a bit more than that out there that cannot afford a ticket to even get a forklift licence let alone afford a bar keepers ticket to serve beer. poor bastards

And some company owners and pollies [both types that that have been silver spoon fed and breast fed til they left uni, in my opinion] think there are heaps of jobs. In the desert. Along the roadside.  Down at the rubbish dump.

If you are keen and can go without the phablet and telly and don't want to buy a house with cash [not in five years now but ten instead, mind], because sacrificing time from family like they could a few years ago is what they will have to do. That is, if they can afford a partner!

Maybe that is where HR comes in. A conspiracy theory - sure. They get to read the lots and lots of job applications and sort out the cans and cannots and would nots from the cretins and "no way man!" types, and maintain a certain percentage of success in catching the right fish for the job. 

Until the computers with artificial intelligence replaces THEM. Soon I reckon. Who need people skills anymore? Really.


I think I dislike that first word. How  long does it take to make a spear or tyre or a list? 'Cos the second word joined with the third means that one person can do a lot of other peoples' jobs, meaning the unemployed pool tide rises and productivity by less involved goes up... Ah, maybe that's the secret?

Oh dear, ranting to the converted or the naive? Or the spell bound? My current job aint writing for a living- research means I would never get pen to paper! Then, my job is one of those that is like the naomi campbell fashion model type jobs, if it aint paying that much mate, then I am not getting out of bed that week. 

Which is a bit tough. or rough? I had to accept the rate, I need to put the gels into a better school before something happens at the government school... And the rate is soooo much better than the previous day job or even the last self employed but government subsidized jobby. 

So back to the "dear sir, I cannot but will try..." and the forty job letters and associated CVs PER MONTH that the poor bastards have to do now just to get some government handout in this employment environment where there really is bugger all jobs... there are local government landscaping jobs. Even road improvements. But no manufacturing- for example, public transport, most vehicles will be imported, the rails imported, the software is imported... 

maybe it is a postal conspiracy, "dear sir, I cannot but will try..."
BTW- I saw a dpco on Gre Vidal th eother night- boy, is he into conspiracy theories!!