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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Been thru the desert in a Woopie with no name

Been thru the desert in a Woopie with no name

I have recently been awarded a desert job with an old friend, on a oil drilling rig near Innamincka, South Australia.

Suffice top say, I am very satisfied with the career move, and a previous client is at my heels for some more work nearer home too- but I am still stuck out here in the desert. Waiting for more samples and oil shows to turn up. Been a bit of a slow slog, but the trip upin the hire woopie was a revelation- I don't know how the truckers can keep on tripping up the corrugated track to the centre of Australia, but they do!

In any case, I have had some time to use the Nikon 3100 with either the 18-50mm lense or the 50mm lense- I think I prefer the zoom, and wish I had a 50-200mm!

Anyway, here's the collection so far, nearly four weeks in, modified or not with PhotoMatrixPro4.2 using Triggertrap Mobile Dongle for timelapses: