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Friday, July 12, 2013

Since Last I wrought

Wrote I mean, but then...

Spend! Wow, where did all the money go...?

Had the six months fun working on a drilling rig...
Fixed things with the cash flow- like:
The car and van.Fixed the west kitchen wall with brother-in-law- nice job too.
Got a nice telly.
Fixing the tooth of #2Son soon.
Been through a few birthdays this last few months.
Spent far too much on Aldi tools, have to find a space for a new bench and shelving to put them on.
Want to make a cloud chamber- a la backyard science- a Muon Search!
Read some great science fact and fiction- life is a chance!
Gravelled the front path again, thinking of doing another around the old cottonwood tree.
Thinking of a outdoor sitting area in the backyard with a nice roof.

Amazing where the money goes- a good year means getting the house paid for I guess!

To be continued...