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Sunday, April 28, 2013

lightspeed and galaxies and biology and geology

Time travel

again a new experience

Looking at NASA space pictores, like the ones from the Hubble can be humiliating.

My desktop display has a few at this time, and one has a few billion galaxies dotted around in it.
Not a few, billyans!

When you think about it,  Andromeda Galaxy, the closest galaxy to The Milky Way, is only two million light years away, and it is calculated by some people both are collide at some time down the track, after we are history.

I hated to think of infinity when I was very young. Like thinking that God has you, and you, and you as well as me on his mind 24/7 and is all around us- both are plain creepy and scary. Now especially- is that not lurking or what ever?

Recent reports are of some starlight that is {another} calculated to be as old as the universe! That calculation is supposed to be close to 12 or 14 billion years old. Whats a few billyan tween friends?

But really, it's colossal.

Driving a car to the moon, [yeah, try it Bill Gates] is a bit of a trip too. The average Earth-Moon distance is about 385,000 km, so allowing for drink and bathroom stops every two or three hours, a sleepover some where, it would take the the Griswolds a few months if get 600km done a day... or a year or two?

And another thing, after watching the Japan tsunami videos again, (sorry, I am a Geologist)  and after reading books like these that I have just finished on my Kindle#2-

"Power,Sex Suicide : Mitochondria and the meaning of life" by Nick Lane and
"Life's Ratchet : How Molecular Machines Extract Order From Chaos" by Peter F. Hoffman, giving me a few intense weeks I tell you! Highly recommended to everyone.

So- life and nature are not connected apart from chance? An earthquake or GammaRay Burst or a small addition the a mitochondrial chromosone, and ooh la la, life is different.

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