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Saturday, December 1, 2012

top hole job

A Top Hole Job Nearby

It may not be so interesting, but to me, getting back into a field job as a geologist is just great.

I have been feeling up and down recently, daily, so I do not think I am depressed as such. Just not coping, and then coping. Marvined.

It is just the inadequacy of life's special daily presentations to oneself- from Bills to Pensions to Stupid People Pissing Me Off [Elected Figure Heads For Example or the Wannabees-or VIPs anyway- ie Abbot and Romney) rant rant rant, not blah blah de bloody blah.

But enuff grumbling and whinging to ones self!

Big news

My recruitment agency (My!?), this week, has found a third job in the nearby coal country up valley from home- an hours drive at the most, daily, five days a week only so far, for about two to four weeks doing: top hole monitoring, collecting samples, monitoring progress for the Big Smoke operations office.

So that is good news, and it may go on after Nu Ye-yah as well, so kudos to the recruitment agency- they do know more than so-called word of mouth in my little co-called network of colleagues  or once again, maybe it's just me not getting up their noses about jobs anywhere?

Anyway, I had a quick interview with an OpsMan yesterday, up the valley, and today I emailed off a an acceptance of contract, via the agency, for an 'assignment', YAY me.

Other news

Now back to the household drudgery for a week, and then work AND household drudgery; who says women have it all? Or is it men? Looks like I do, cos in addition-my lil gels are 'growing out' this month, if you know what I mean, and that means getting them 'fitted', "Aunty? HELP!!", oh boy, then there will be the monthly tantrums starting too I guess...

[what do you give the guy that has everything? Penicillin...]