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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Junk week

Junk week

Recycling "recycling" junk and or just throwing out some personal history.

The old sofas and dresser go back to Tarn's first Adelaide purchases with her "own" money.

A shame, but when it's worn out, it is worn Out.

car seats and the old sofas from '87
bike parts and cubby house kitchenette
The kids stuff, well, they have outgrown the cubby house kitchenette- a hand me down from their older twin cousins, sorry girls, and the little doll-house- again, sorry about that, but its been out of use for far too long!

The tyres- a few  of the many- I was going to reuse them as vegetable patches for strawberry or tomatoe plants... The hard rubbish collectors will only take four a year.

A nice old bike lasted less than half an hour- dang- should have done a yard sale-  same with the stereo unit sitting on the old speakers!

Will be interesting to see what is left for the Official Hard Rubbish Collectors later on in the week.

An old clothes drier needs parts- replaced with a newie, bugger it. A stove top way past its use by date.

And then the recycled sitting apparatus picked up by the boys were not used or utilised- Out They Go too! Who really wants to sit in an old rocking chair [that still works] or car seats? Really?

The gels tried to smuggle the car seats back into the cubby hut, but I put my foot down hard- NO!!!! LEAVE THEM OUT THERE I said ore than once to #3Eldest Girl Child.

I was thinking of removing the speakers and recycling the magnets for the notes on the refrigerator...

What may be unappreciated is the fact that there is several thousands of dollars worth of stuff being junked, and I do not want to do a garage sale. My loss if stuff/junk is nicked and sold on!.

4 of 12 tyres and some old speakers and stereo

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