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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah cassettes cassettes

Remember cassetes?

the old philips type?

and an update

From the the the.... well, years ago, before the CD anyway...

Last weegen or so I was playing some tapes in the old player [1986] and the thing hisses and plays etcetera. I was a little tidly so that did not matter!
Except for the third Test Tape...
What!!! NO SOUND?
Had a look this time, in the little gap at the 'front'.
Soooooo, and cos it was a great album, out with the sticky tape, knife and screwdriver and wind up device [a la Bic pen] to repair it... for the first time in  in   in    ages?     Decades even?   A little DIY while ... Why do I still have those tapes? But tried the tape back in the player and it Worked Just Fine Thank You All Very Much. Some of the old tapes are definitely of the mid 70's that a friend passed on to me when he "went religious", and those belonged to his big sister! Later I passed a few on when ever anyone was interested, when the CD came out for instance, but kept ones I Liked A Lot. Among the box of tapes was also compilations made when I was fairly sozzled after parties and still could not hit the sack... Good road trip tapes man!

Then the Walkmen

And this thingo?!? A real boys toy if ever!
I bought the Sanyo walkman style tape player back in  '83 so I could cruise the highway on the Yamaha 250 I had, between cold old Kyneton and Barfold- with some tape or radio music in the helmet.  And later on in the jet when going to work in WA or outback SA or QLD or cold VIC from Adelaide!

Did a few miles with this!

I won a real Sony Walkman Sports in a sailboard race about four years later.

Then when the Discman had to come out before I went to Aber-bloody-deen for a year, wellllll, yeah, well, so I Upgraded With the Duty Free Opportunity as I got on board! Pity the bugger only lasted a few years, I have only just tossed it* NO I DID NOT - a fine little machine, not much bigger than a CD and about 11mm thick. Paired with the Sony Speakers--- was nearly all we needed coping near the Arctic Circle...

I did replace it however, before the Millenium, with another albeit second hand, but still great Sony CD Walkman that only needed AA batteries, not the special battery pack for the first one I had- barstid to charge up etc etc.

This one was plastic and light compared to the first which though small, was heavy.
It did a few flying miles too.

Amazingly enough, none of the kiddies ever played with my musical "boys toys" or tapes in order to test them all to destruction...

Do you remember boys toys and Cassettes?

*[ie I cannot find it at the moment- check back one day]

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