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Monday, July 30, 2012

yesterday I bought a Decafenated Cofey table

Nah I didn't.

Just like saying it.

But I did buy a laundry basket trolley from a well known discount grocery store- a jermain komponee, but in the end only for the axles and wheels...
What is it?

Well, over here, we hang out the washing out in the sun, usually in the backyard, for the antibacterial solar content and to add vitamin D to our clothes. To save on the naked sunbathing and skin cancer.

Also, to avoid too much exercise in the extreme solar radiation of the southern temperate region of the world by bending down to pick clothes to hang up on the rotating clothes line, we use a trolley to hold the washing basket. You know. After three loads on a Saturday morning [whites first- as they do not retain heat to dry quick enough IMO, then the colours and finally the gothic adornments], my baacckk...

The trolley for the washing basket I bought Tarn many years ago [10?] had also been used as a kart by the kids, too many times. The axles got bent, and the good old black plastic wheels cracked and went missing at the front, a real drag when hanging the laundry and moving it from the inner line of the clothes hoist to the outer wire... You can see by the pic, it is a largish line.

Time for a new one or even hunt one down that was being tossed out as junk somewhere around town at the next Hard Rubbish Week ...

No. As mentioned the discount store had special on this weegen, so early Satdee I hot footed down. In the car, and picked one up. And extras that I did not need when I left home. Hate that.

The new one was not as solid as the old one. Weak even! square tubular, thin, would not last!

Hmm. Marvined again?

Nah! $20 well spent!

Swapped the axles and wheels. Man the new wheels are Nice.

Talk about a Transformer!

Tossed out the old wheels, the remaining pair of. Stored the old axle, and the new now not to be used new frame and gear- in the Shed.

Rollin' 'long jus fahn, thankyee.

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