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Thursday, July 12, 2012

diy glow plugs left me glowing

diy glow plugs left me glowing


The last few months, avid followers would know I changed the work/windsurf transport van battery because the bloody thing was slow to turn over and start chugging. Well, the last week it has been like that again, and I blamed the cold. One hint was to use 'Aerostart'  in the air intake to make it start. Another relative said DO NOT DO THAT, it's the glow plugs! Marvined again! Should have RTFM, at least!


Glow Plugs?

Well, a call two days later to a service centre suggested that the glow plugs were buggered or the relay to heat them was gone if white smoke was erupting from the anus of the bloody van. Bloody vehicles.

Hmph! well, to replace the plugs looking like sixty dollars a piece for Mercedes recommended types, forty for another type. And probably four hundred for a new relay or only two hundred for a substitute.

Ouch! $775! And service charge too? Oh no thank you! 

Pulled the pin plugs out, what a hassle! And the relay was removed too. An hour or so of time...

Expert advice.

Three places were visited. The service guy I have used before said I could probably DIY. Mmm. Went to merceded service centre- new quote- still the same. The cheapo relay was available though if I needed it... Next store could get the plugs for about twenty bucks, two days to wait. Great. The next place was only fifteen, two days to wait also. 

I could wait! Good old Repco! They said replace the lot even if one was okay...

Went to the auto electrician with the relay- and with a hand lens he could say nothing was wrong with the board [as an aside, you might have a diesel too, but with a nuclear explosions EMP- you will be buggered too, like I say, an aside..], so there was all that money saved... if the new glow plugs he recommended to get worked okay... 

He also showed me how to quick test- grab some jumper start cables, spit on a suspicious glow plug end, connect it to the battery and if no steam- buggered! Do not put a good one into your pocket right away...

Two days wait.

Went to the wrong store. 

Embarrassing as the last time with the new tyres!  

Had to drive away, and park 50 yards down the opposite side of the road!!! 

Picked five plugs up for seventy five dollars thank you very much! 

Home for the last DIY stretch

And swore and banged knuckles for an hour or so putting the bastards back in the engine. Dropping shit on wet ground, argh! Lucky it was only cool, and not freezing! Plastic tarp was spread after the first dropsy! And a fencing wire kludge to pry the fallen thingos from tight spots in the engine bay the next time. I do like my tool collection this week, no new purchases required!

Happy at last

Fingers crossed. key in and turn for-

First start, brmm !

Ha life, bloody hahaha, a winner today! nyah nyah nyah

diy glow plugs left me glowing

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