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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So well and buggor

Missed the Action

I have been looking forward to watching the transit of Venus across the sun for nearly a month.

And missed it. Because. Work!
And catching some flood events around our town!

I pulled the El Cheapo Telescope from the lounge to the back dor last Saturday in readiness for today, Wednesday 6th June.

Forgot all about the transit while I rushed around town today. By the last shift, snowed under that I missed the transit action by half an hour...
But got some pleasing pics of some floods too:
Port of Sale, amenities Not...
New Footbridge over the Thompson

"Rapids" near new road bridge over the Thompsn R., Princess Hwy 

The billabong  being filled, near my sister in laws place

Another flooded billabong near the cemetery up from the saleyards

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