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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Called de Gasman

marvined again
but killed two birds with one gas man...

walking in to the yard, noticed cover on gas water heater looking worse than ever
pulled it off to see how bad the rust was. 
the cover fell OFF
not funny dude.
some DIY?
wired it up, but the wind blew the gas out at the same time
tried to relight the bastard.
no go- FAIL
3 kids and me and NO SHOWER
buttons stuck or broken?
 no leaking gas tho
bugger- WORK time
later- call a gas man- immediate response!
around less than 5 minutes
CANNOT buy a new cover for less than half the price of NEW UNIT?
wow, hmm, the credit card maxed already...
can we relight it?
call de boss- 
"use more effort with pliers, swing OFF IT!"
Ahhch, Bach, es goot
can fold a cover up too? be back in 15? 
Oh, and while u r back here
look at the stove top inside...?
All goot, tankuse.

Waiting for the bill...

Oh DEAR, fencing wire no help this time

Noice cover Marv!

out with the old

in with the new, after 12 months on the bench...

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