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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

one win this week


Nuts in the works nearly cost me 65  buckaroonies!!!

As we were getting the car off to school, as one of the passengers could not take two bags to school, the dew on the windscreen stayed put. The wipers did not bother to operate. This was not funny dude, at nearly 9am on the way and so hard to see!

Deary me! Got out and wiped it down anyway, sped off to the drop off and came home in a Huff. Went through three fuses in a hurry! Bugger! Something Else To Worry About This Bloody Week and bought some more fuses on the delivery run. Same thing back home. Marvined again.

I thought the electric motor may have buggered up. Rang around the car dealers, the mechanics and auto electric specialists and they did not really want to know me when I mentioned "secondhand?" parts. God knows that I had to buy the full kit (Motor and arms) from Ford! A DIY was pretty much cheaper I thought.

Called the local wreckers and he said he should have three motors on the shelf. I said great, I will be there soon, and how much? Sixty five dollars was the correct answer! I'll be there asap!

So we went out to the wreckers, at closing time, after [another hassle]. Then at the wreckers, unfolding the wallet at closing time, (and he did Not have any motors on the shelf anyway!)...

I had an idea.

As the bloody car is usually parked at night more or less under a bloody gum tree, maybe the gum nuts had gummed the works up!

Got home, got the tools out and pulled the covers off to repair the dang thing...

Gumnuts jammed the wipers. Ten minutes. Kept me money. Jammy bastard Me.

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