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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BBabby BBaboom BBBox

New DIY for the Living room Sound System
Let's see how many trips to the hardware store this time.

Two weeks ago, I was sick of the fan making a noise in the surround sound theatre thingo. A quiet peice in the movie or between songs through the apple tv, and the hum rattley type sound. It was worse than ever. This is the story of fixin and makin, with six trips to the stores and one internet order, sound stuff for the lounge. And Music Room

So I spent two hours pulling the subwoofer box and dice apart to constituent particles. Almost. Did you know that it needed 20 bloody little self tapping screws to hold the back plate on? No? Well, now we both know. And I do not want to pull it apart again! I removed the trouble-some little electric motor that had a loose axle, went to the electronic barn down town, and they ordered in a new on. Yep- it was in the catalogue!
A week later, I spent an hour putting it all back together. And it worked! Yay me!
With a modification: I spliced in wire to the sub-woofer in order to add a Bigger Speaker or driver, because after replacing my old stereo system woofer driver speakers with updated types, as one had gone bung, there was a spare 20cm/8 inch driver hanging around. See below, it is twice the size of the one in the silver subwoofer box next to it. And it worked too! But it does need a new enclosure...

After fixing the surround sound theatre thingo last week, I have got a new bee in the bonnet.

Therefore, This Week I Searched For Sub-Woofer Box Designs. OF course!
The internet is a woeful time waster... But plucking a design out was not that hard, and so next thing was... Wood panelling.
Thick 1" plywood or flooring type particle board type?
The plywood was lying around, not to the the size specified, but dang it, the woofer is only 20cm!

Bzzzzzz... Hiked around down town for bits and pieces- wood, screws, connectors. I think This Will be my crissy pressie from D&PD!

oh oh! The panel is too small?  Crap crap crap- wait, wrong one. That was the side!
On with the plan. A frame to be glued. Glued? Okay. Here we go.

Here's the work area. Obviously, I need to clean out the shed one day so if it rains, and there is another bee in the bonnet- it will be a dry bonnet... It was bright and warm, but fun. But it did rain a wee bit Sunday, so I was very squashed up in the shed with the drop saw at one stage.

Some tools not used for yonks so needed to be re-vamped- some WD40 here and there. And more... The drop saw kept giving no quite 90° angles. Because there was some gum on the plates, the same colour as the plates! Argh! And the power button. Hmph.

Completed project, with port. Apparently the port may be a fraction small. The spares lying around were not up with a 70 or 80mm port. Playing the apple tv through the theater sound system and the new sub-woofer sounds awesome! Ordered a plate amplifier [$179] for a proper sound- means another power supply... It won't be used a lot, but hells bells, you should soon be able to hear it as you pass down the street! Until that is added, it cannot be used with the JVC stereo, I tried, also warned not to, oops, but nah, needs to be amped properly, one thing I cannot be buggered to solder up myself!

Should it be a driver down or as shown. There are some rubber feet on it now, and it is driver down at the moment... With it ramped up, I think it is TOO much, like a click on the beat, as if I have over extended it...

Final dimensions

6ply 21mm thick cut to
34 x 34cm top and bottom
34 x 48cm sides
34 x 48cm front and back

3cm x 3cm  softwood for the internal frame
120 screws. or so.
silicone sealant, all internal
nearly full batten of rock wool
and an amp [ to be added, from here ]

Checking out the BBabby BBaboom BBBox in the music room with the 1988 Stereo System. 

The amplifier for the new speaker box arrived and needed some new wiring after some sound advice [baboom] from a specialist supplier, and deafened the kiddies and probably pd off the neighbors too.

Sounds awesome people, even while only temporarily attached.

 Finished up nearly by 18th February 2012:

See the bass on the SPL! Not 100% loudness either. Adjustable volume and signal output/crossover signal 45Hz to 180Hz and a separate input and output for the stereo system! The house needs to be tuned so the screws and nails do not pop out... Bugger the neighbors and their airconditioners!

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