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Friday, January 6, 2012

Washing machine sluggish

just when things are almost wave free
I mean shoothly sailing

Wham, wham,wham... What the?
The washing machine agitator was Not Agitating very well.
Oh oh.

Hmm. Google the machines problem, and Bingo! Another quick fix, thanks very much!
Although, the Marvin pitch here is that it is Xmas time in Oz Land... The appliance repairers like to have some vacation too, bugger 'em!

Online is cheap, but mail order? The post script will tell you what is going on later.

So far, the 4 little dogs required are only $10 a pack, here in Oz or yankee doodle land, without postage, but as the repair shop should be open Monday...

update Monday
The local appliance repairer [and wife] wanted a bit more than 10 bucks, $42 in fact. Hmm. His wife did say that even a packet of dogs was a bit more than $10, but I got a complete renewal pack- o'ring, dogs, cams, bearing and washer. So I cannot complain that was all it cost. Fifteen minutes later- all done.

Hopefully this means CLEAN clothes without mysterious linty patches in folds...

In fact, it may have been an expensive large machine to start with, but it has cost less than $150 to maintain since 1998! Without the repairers add on too- at @ about $51/hr for at least only 30 minute jobs too I must add- which I try to avoid at all costs- why have a shed of tools getting rusty and dusty, really!

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