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Saturday, December 1, 2012

top hole job

A Top Hole Job Nearby

It may not be so interesting, but to me, getting back into a field job as a geologist is just great.

I have been feeling up and down recently, daily, so I do not think I am depressed as such. Just not coping, and then coping. Marvined.

It is just the inadequacy of life's special daily presentations to oneself- from Bills to Pensions to Stupid People Pissing Me Off [Elected Figure Heads For Example or the Wannabees-or VIPs anyway- ie Abbot and Romney) rant rant rant, not blah blah de bloody blah.

But enuff grumbling and whinging to ones self!

Big news

My recruitment agency (My!?), this week, has found a third job in the nearby coal country up valley from home- an hours drive at the most, daily, five days a week only so far, for about two to four weeks doing: top hole monitoring, collecting samples, monitoring progress for the Big Smoke operations office.

So that is good news, and it may go on after Nu Ye-yah as well, so kudos to the recruitment agency- they do know more than so-called word of mouth in my little co-called network of colleagues  or once again, maybe it's just me not getting up their noses about jobs anywhere?

Anyway, I had a quick interview with an OpsMan yesterday, up the valley, and today I emailed off a an acceptance of contract, via the agency, for an 'assignment', YAY me.

Other news

Now back to the household drudgery for a week, and then work AND household drudgery; who says women have it all? Or is it men? Looks like I do, cos in addition-my lil gels are 'growing out' this month, if you know what I mean, and that means getting them 'fitted', "Aunty? HELP!!", oh boy, then there will be the monthly tantrums starting too I guess...

[what do you give the guy that has everything? Penicillin...]

Sunday, November 25, 2012


What can you do?

Looks like I am over blogging or the lack of motivation for doing it. A fair comment would help, like as in, "yep". But the stats say otherwise, so I have to rack my brain... But for this blog, really?

Well, I had put together a new PC, and add W8 to it, and not unhappy or happy- it is working but I am not using it as the office workhorse, the old W7pro machine is struggling, and with Office10 too, and so be it, it loves to freeze up, thus the new machine. But dislike the keyboard- until right then -when I noticed I had changed it out today... [it's dusty. Why?] Conventional Home-End etc at last- boy that previous KB annoyed me. I wondered tonight why it was bloddy dusty- remembered I actually swapped 2nd son's unused KB over, "so there- be happy Tone". Marvined meself...

I told some one the other day I was "slow", the usual reply- then thought, No, actually, I  am not!

I swap from okay to upset and back- and that is not because of the hardware here. Slow means even-ness to me. I am not.

One is the government wants to cut the carer's [my] pension, so it looks like I really will have to leave the kids alone with their big sib and their aunt for days or weeks at a time, so to make ends meet, by flying off to find oilpatch jobbies for a few grand a week rather than a few hundred a week.

Another is the MS medical treatment regime- self administered shots- "Choose a different place for each day of the week"- really? Really. The spots still hurt a little a few days later- I thought it would be a little like a blood test prick on the thumb- Oh No....

The list goes on- But I am happy to say I am still waking up and walking and talking- probably too much shite tho. Health wise: At least my left eye has a bit more going right- nearly back to what it was- I cannot look sunwards anymore- I was thinking "only need one sun-glass lens", that was how bad it was!

The kids are growing up, and the gels like to see how fast I am shrinking... The 2nSon wants to best me at drinking games- "Oh No we don't!". The eldest child lives a shadowy life beyond my reach [and control?] but touches base now and then- I am told not to worry- he is fine- I wish he had gelfren to bring home to show off to us [hint, wink?]

That's the other thing- Fails. I failed to tighten a wheel on a trailer the other month after getting the tyre repaired. The owner was a bit pissed off to see the wheel going past them down the highway. No one hurt. Me- Still alive, but now doubting meself. I tried to adjust the their pool lighting too, and managed to turn AUTO on and not able to put MANUAL back on- bludee heck, gotta leave those poor people alone!

After losing the second pair of reading glasses in two months, the worry may be increasing- I definitely had them today in a safe place so I could do the garden... The kids can't find them either.

The car is pissing me off- had the front wheel bearings replaced the other week, thinking- "Bearings- twenty bucks each and time a bit extra?"
NEARLY "FOUR HUNDRED BUCKAROONIES MATEY". THANKS! Sticker shock, glad I did not try to do it myself after all as: Bugger me!Two times a new spindle-hub-bearing [and removal of old hub by a machine] and then and then- STOP, I am complaining- it's a safety thing, and it's only money... Sounds quiter as there was an exhaust tie missing- but today I though it sounded like a HOLEY MUFFER- by gott I am gettin' wound up now.. shshhsshsssshhsh...

I think I am getting ahead, and then it's BILL time again. AND BLUDIE Chrissy too! Power and gas and water and shire[county] taxes are not going up normally with inflation, I reckon anyway. But MORE. Maybe the sickening spiral of costs begetting costs has occurred!

Nevah feken endz!

Waiting to get on an oil;patch wellsite job after two applications put in by a recruitment company.
Nothing- unless some one else wants Chrissy off and then I might get a look see in.  I bbought a new laptop just for the new career- it's getting dusty.

The kids are doing well with minimal parental supervision or bitching or what ever, the withdrawal room should be padded up by this time next year though.

Three teeners... Oh, now they want to play any old vinyl records I may have- Oh boy. "You got any PinK Floyd we can take away and play" and then what? Actually, only Dark side of The Moon, on CD t'ank fek.

The Portable backyard Potted Vineyard is looking okay, but Not especially fruitful this year- about 40 shiraz pots now, so I should be happy. I think I've mentioned the lawn mower needed a new motor... Plus the new window glass... Plus Shite goes on forever. A nice bottle-brush native shrub had decided to grow over and then start falling on my orange tree in the back corner of the block- well- it went through the mulcher today [where I may have lost my reading glasses] after i cut it down last week. Tarn would have been mortified at the Extreme Pruning, but dear- you can't help.

I went with the kids on a Long Weekend for the point of being on a beach, nearly, with them. The hired holiday house was just a dune away from the ocean. Shared with my little bro and his family  and two or three other couples. Nice weekend. And it was near my favourite flat water sailing place too, a perk I thought. they had a boogie board and two surfboards, I had three wind-surfers- a beginners for the kids on quiet days, and two slalom/wave boards for me on the --wind---? on the win---, THERE was NO wind for three bloody days, and the boards were too small according to the resident expert... The new family tent for 6 from Aldi fitted Three Comfortably, apart from the HARD GROUND.

See. Don't like it.

Up and Down.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

back in the saddle or what

back in a saddle anyway

Just spent six and a bit days working as the wellsite geologist on a coring job in west Gippsland.

After ten years, to turn up and smell that diesel exhaust wafting past me... takes me back to my first jobs, many years ago now of course.

I think the job went well, apart from it being the weirdest shortest job and EWR ever, and then did not fill out one page on a meter by meter description of---- SAND, CLAYS, and LIGNITE, cos I did not think to ask what else is needed. But next time... I will have to get a BETTER job description [RTFM]. But they paid up quick and expenses too, so an outlay for a large screen lappy is good for the next job I can get at least. But will charge going rate rather than beginners rate- lost out heaps, can see why they let me do it this time. Live and learn.
If you ever get a delivery van---- excellent choice I think for an onsite office..
And only one and a half bottle of red for four nights, reckoned I dried out!

Setting it up

The Rig

Drilling and Geology Office

View from Office

Lil ol bit


Friday, October 12, 2012

real work

Ah to be back in the field

On a dry day

This week I have started off in a new direction, parceling the kids out for a short while to get back out into the field, as in a Wellsite Geologist capacity.

Hands were shaken two weeks ago after a short email exchange two weeks before that.
Naturally, mind thinking at warp speed- what do I need etc.

Anyway- it rained yesterday at the coring site, the drillers were back in their yard surprisingly, and I wasted a day travelling there and back. The boss was not pleased at this abortive start, back on Monday nevertheless.

A Marvin day, ready to geologize, but Waiting on Weather.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

preparation is a key

If Indeed new Job expresses itself

As noted, a reminder and a 3 hour break equals prospectively new job

As addressed over here, and [here too] I am anxiously awaiting to start another job, consulting geologist, what I was trained for and vocationally oriented for nearly eighteen years. Cough Cough.

Am I getting ahead of myself?

The last few weeks has been an anxious time- What will I be doing, Who are these guys that want a junior* Geologist to run a core job, Will I need this or that, What about a new PC or netbook or laptop or Notebook, a microscope, a tablet to sketch samples and site, Where is it, Will there be more,  Will the old van be enough to travel two thousand miles to a two week job or swap it, and will the kids be okay with Aunty and Big Brother?    ??????? Long distance calls and one face to face.

Alright, I have not started, no cold feet, just, what about the current part time job stuff? Argh, have to stop that thinking crap!

So thinking YEP I HAVE IT IN THE BAG even though my past colleagues have not been 100% helpful answering deep questions on how to get back into the industry- ie who to use for insurances if getting out solo and all that behind the scenes business stuff------ Bugger it, I went and listed notebooks and insurances to use anyway, got to think positively...

Well, as they wanted me asap, then I can forget the insurances and work for them instead of consulting, and do that crap for the next contract- YAY, a smallish upfront saving for the moment.

Lucky me, a shop nearby had a 40% sale off an interesting Toshiba P870 notebook, which I GRABBED, and then thought I might get a larger screen mobile phone that took an hour to extract from the shop(!) as I was in a hurry by then for the 5 o;clock beer with Aunty as well as get a dinner together for kids and friends but then did not have to, and next day, got Office for the notebook, and put all the stuff I might need together- a kids video microscope care of Aldi will work just great, as will a large writing tablet (Aldi again), but had to get new drivers for them, install ACDSeePro6 suite, find the small hand lense, find stored away India ink for a stencil pen with the pens and stencils just in case, get out the sand grain comparator cards, the old tally books and drilling notes, the wellsite handbooks, the core marking pens, a tape measure or two for recovery percentages, the pilots case I repaired just a few months ago, resurrected old brief case for the notebook- it is that large it only just fits! The Samsonite brief case that was bought 1997 remains locked since 2002... it's a cool one, but now just a reminder... An alarm clock that does not wind up but not connected to the mains...  Lists...

Out of breath writing that!

Do I need a g-pick and hard hat too? Maybe my brother's old kitchen table set up in the van as a desk out of the rain and wind along with a deck chair? And a tarpaulin as a veranda, and an Esky for the ice and Coke?

[not exactly excited, expectant]

Now that call....

*been out of the field for ten years almost exactly this month, and twenty nine years this week since I started in it! Too many coincidences really- specially as all the repairs and cleaning up done prior to the job application! See previous posts an the almost-fantastic achievements. Cough Cough.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

diy or not

    Expensive month of Sundays really

    Blue moon month of Sundays anyway.

    You know, 5 weegens worth of pain suffering success and lack of adulation. 
    Had some money left over after tax and pension pay out adjustments and trying to And it is only the start of the financial year...
    PS: a Lotto win paid for itself, only, like, the ticket entry....

    Whinge needs rants wants and had to be dones...

    Follow up
    new 55" LCD 3d smart tv
     blank obviously
    Fix the windscreen of the family car
    Kitchen spout and taps
    [FAUCETS for the yanks]
    Shower head
    Shower taps
    cracked window pane in Piano room*
    Laundry window pane **
    Not really
    Front door Side Light Window panes***
    New computer
    Hope so
    Fix memory in this computer
    Expand memory in gels pc's
    Tries to
    MCC annual
    Car rego
    Had to
    Had to
    Had to
    Had to
    Service the car
    Wont be
    Will see
    Girls' new pc's or tablets
    Should be
    Could be
    #2son's birthday pressie- acoustic geetar?
    Will have to
    Hope so
    We'll see
    Cheapo soonish!
    Windows7 64bit, usb3 4port for nu pc
    Hope so
    Plastic stakes for portable Vineyard Pots
    Hope so
    Dunno yet
    fix shed lights
    have to
    hope so
    dunno yet
     Used the modern way to pay bills, amazing the frequent flyer points accruable doing it that way. Just wish I flew more instead....

*****I finally noticed the OTHER DAY- Cracked and nearly falling out, fixed after too many years!!!!!!!!! Bloody kids fault too!

So the start of Spring was four really nice warm days. Fingers crossed for next day or two...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Junk week

Junk week

Recycling "recycling" junk and or just throwing out some personal history.

The old sofas and dresser go back to Tarn's first Adelaide purchases with her "own" money.

A shame, but when it's worn out, it is worn Out.

car seats and the old sofas from '87
bike parts and cubby house kitchenette
The kids stuff, well, they have outgrown the cubby house kitchenette- a hand me down from their older twin cousins, sorry girls, and the little doll-house- again, sorry about that, but its been out of use for far too long!

The tyres- a few  of the many- I was going to reuse them as vegetable patches for strawberry or tomatoe plants... The hard rubbish collectors will only take four a year.

A nice old bike lasted less than half an hour- dang- should have done a yard sale-  same with the stereo unit sitting on the old speakers!

Will be interesting to see what is left for the Official Hard Rubbish Collectors later on in the week.

An old clothes drier needs parts- replaced with a newie, bugger it. A stove top way past its use by date.

And then the recycled sitting apparatus picked up by the boys were not used or utilised- Out They Go too! Who really wants to sit in an old rocking chair [that still works] or car seats? Really?

The gels tried to smuggle the car seats back into the cubby hut, but I put my foot down hard- NO!!!! LEAVE THEM OUT THERE I said ore than once to #3Eldest Girl Child.

I was thinking of removing the speakers and recycling the magnets for the notes on the refrigerator...

What may be unappreciated is the fact that there is several thousands of dollars worth of stuff being junked, and I do not want to do a garage sale. My loss if stuff/junk is nicked and sold on!.

4 of 12 tyres and some old speakers and stereo

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah cassettes cassettes

Remember cassetes?

the old philips type?

and an update

From the the the.... well, years ago, before the CD anyway...

Last weegen or so I was playing some tapes in the old player [1986] and the thing hisses and plays etcetera. I was a little tidly so that did not matter!
Except for the third Test Tape...
What!!! NO SOUND?
Had a look this time, in the little gap at the 'front'.
Soooooo, and cos it was a great album, out with the sticky tape, knife and screwdriver and wind up device [a la Bic pen] to repair it... for the first time in  in   in    ages?     Decades even?   A little DIY while ... Why do I still have those tapes? But tried the tape back in the player and it Worked Just Fine Thank You All Very Much. Some of the old tapes are definitely of the mid 70's that a friend passed on to me when he "went religious", and those belonged to his big sister! Later I passed a few on when ever anyone was interested, when the CD came out for instance, but kept ones I Liked A Lot. Among the box of tapes was also compilations made when I was fairly sozzled after parties and still could not hit the sack... Good road trip tapes man!

Then the Walkmen

And this thingo?!? A real boys toy if ever!
I bought the Sanyo walkman style tape player back in  '83 so I could cruise the highway on the Yamaha 250 I had, between cold old Kyneton and Barfold- with some tape or radio music in the helmet.  And later on in the jet when going to work in WA or outback SA or QLD or cold VIC from Adelaide!

Did a few miles with this!

I won a real Sony Walkman Sports in a sailboard race about four years later.

Then when the Discman had to come out before I went to Aber-bloody-deen for a year, wellllll, yeah, well, so I Upgraded With the Duty Free Opportunity as I got on board! Pity the bugger only lasted a few years, I have only just tossed it* NO I DID NOT - a fine little machine, not much bigger than a CD and about 11mm thick. Paired with the Sony Speakers--- was nearly all we needed coping near the Arctic Circle...

I did replace it however, before the Millenium, with another albeit second hand, but still great Sony CD Walkman that only needed AA batteries, not the special battery pack for the first one I had- barstid to charge up etc etc.

This one was plastic and light compared to the first which though small, was heavy.
It did a few flying miles too.

Amazingly enough, none of the kiddies ever played with my musical "boys toys" or tapes in order to test them all to destruction...

Do you remember boys toys and Cassettes?

*[ie I cannot find it at the moment- check back one day]

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My dad and bro- gone yottie

My Father and Brother Gone Yachtie

Since the end of summer, a simmering idea

My dad Tez and brother Pete have been sailing around the Corio Bay area for a couple of years now with Pete's friend Larry. The other year dad and Larry were in a race, using whiz bang technology to steer around the lanes... Notice, not navigate... They laughed at some other yotties that were aground. Griinnnnd. They joined the club. This last year Pete has nearly fallen off when larry's boat was in a squall. Please note, this is second hand news...

But, somehow or other, an idea was simmering between them. 

Dad has a quiet life, kids all gone, [for now], twentyfour/seven looking after my wheelchair-bound but bright as a button mum. He does not get out of the house long enough to relax, unless we gang up and pitch in to help out as often as six siblings can manage. A golf round does not count, nor does a quick fishing trip down the street with the mad as a black hatter smarty bum Labrador "Lockie". A night or two away from it. Last time was working on my sister's farmlet three hours away to the north. What does happen pretty regularly is that the weekend ends up rained out...

pete is becoming an empty nester. I think. Four kids out on the loose, either working or studying or planniong on a trip overseas. He and wife Weez are now on nearly up to ten years of running a finger food catering company west of the Big Smoke in the former gold mining district- now a great boutique wine region. And he has been sailing with Larry...


"been looking at coutta boats" was a new telephone talking point as summer ran into autumn when ever news was exchanged and then the inevitable "what's new?" came up. 
Port Phillip bay- thanks NASA-
Corio Bay in the SE, just cut out the mooring area,
The Big Smoke up the top of the Bay,
but this pic misses The Heads, captured in last pic below.

masted Couta Boats

These coutta motorised boats were designed for the bay fishing industry, or close enough, not ocean going. Usually with a sail in the old days and wide. Typically kept moored in the little ports sprinkled along the shores of Port Phillip Bay. These days as the fishing has gone quiet the boats are making a come back for recreational sailors as weekend racers or cruisers. But pretty expensive. 

At the end of Autumn, they found a yacht instead.


A proud dad
The yacht they found was for sale, and up on the wharf being micro detailed by the owner. The hull is of solid gum [eucalyptus], a draught of about 5 or 6 feet, a keel, not a centreboard contraption like AustraliaII for these guys! The design is of British origin, and well known as a great sailing vessel. The one the boys were looking at had been up and down the east coast, across to Tassie and island hopping Bass Strait too. Forty years of sailing, and in great shape, hardly a pint of dirty water in the bilge dad reckoned. The mast was being refitted/renewed on a shed when I visited early June.
Te Boyz

The other week the mast was restepped. The sails have been given a clean up, the insides tidied and the technology up to date. And the fellas are eager to go.

File pic...
My preferred sailing either

The first overnighter for dad and pete planned for Spring is around to Portarlington. So far.
First overnighter- around the lower headland, The Heads is the NoGo area to the right...
Looking forward to going out with My dad and bro- going yotting.

Monday, July 30, 2012

yesterday I bought a Decafenated Cofey table

Nah I didn't.

Just like saying it.

But I did buy a laundry basket trolley from a well known discount grocery store- a jermain komponee, but in the end only for the axles and wheels...
What is it?

Well, over here, we hang out the washing out in the sun, usually in the backyard, for the antibacterial solar content and to add vitamin D to our clothes. To save on the naked sunbathing and skin cancer.

Also, to avoid too much exercise in the extreme solar radiation of the southern temperate region of the world by bending down to pick clothes to hang up on the rotating clothes line, we use a trolley to hold the washing basket. You know. After three loads on a Saturday morning [whites first- as they do not retain heat to dry quick enough IMO, then the colours and finally the gothic adornments], my baacckk...

The trolley for the washing basket I bought Tarn many years ago [10?] had also been used as a kart by the kids, too many times. The axles got bent, and the good old black plastic wheels cracked and went missing at the front, a real drag when hanging the laundry and moving it from the inner line of the clothes hoist to the outer wire... You can see by the pic, it is a largish line.

Time for a new one or even hunt one down that was being tossed out as junk somewhere around town at the next Hard Rubbish Week ...

No. As mentioned the discount store had special on this weegen, so early Satdee I hot footed down. In the car, and picked one up. And extras that I did not need when I left home. Hate that.

The new one was not as solid as the old one. Weak even! square tubular, thin, would not last!

Hmm. Marvined again?

Nah! $20 well spent!

Swapped the axles and wheels. Man the new wheels are Nice.

Talk about a Transformer!

Tossed out the old wheels, the remaining pair of. Stored the old axle, and the new now not to be used new frame and gear- in the Shed.

Rollin' 'long jus fahn, thankyee.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I think I got it

I think I got it

gaffer tape or duct tape- gotta love it

the kids [and me] kept closing the fridge without closing a drawer...
and overloading the little shelves too...

diy glow plugs left me glowing

diy glow plugs left me glowing


The last few months, avid followers would know I changed the work/windsurf transport van battery because the bloody thing was slow to turn over and start chugging. Well, the last week it has been like that again, and I blamed the cold. One hint was to use 'Aerostart'  in the air intake to make it start. Another relative said DO NOT DO THAT, it's the glow plugs! Marvined again! Should have RTFM, at least!


Glow Plugs?

Well, a call two days later to a service centre suggested that the glow plugs were buggered or the relay to heat them was gone if white smoke was erupting from the anus of the bloody van. Bloody vehicles.

Hmph! well, to replace the plugs looking like sixty dollars a piece for Mercedes recommended types, forty for another type. And probably four hundred for a new relay or only two hundred for a substitute.

Ouch! $775! And service charge too? Oh no thank you! 

Pulled the pin plugs out, what a hassle! And the relay was removed too. An hour or so of time...

Expert advice.

Three places were visited. The service guy I have used before said I could probably DIY. Mmm. Went to merceded service centre- new quote- still the same. The cheapo relay was available though if I needed it... Next store could get the plugs for about twenty bucks, two days to wait. Great. The next place was only fifteen, two days to wait also. 

I could wait! Good old Repco! They said replace the lot even if one was okay...

Went to the auto electrician with the relay- and with a hand lens he could say nothing was wrong with the board [as an aside, you might have a diesel too, but with a nuclear explosions EMP- you will be buggered too, like I say, an aside..], so there was all that money saved... if the new glow plugs he recommended to get worked okay... 

He also showed me how to quick test- grab some jumper start cables, spit on a suspicious glow plug end, connect it to the battery and if no steam- buggered! Do not put a good one into your pocket right away...

Two days wait.

Went to the wrong store. 

Embarrassing as the last time with the new tyres!  

Had to drive away, and park 50 yards down the opposite side of the road!!! 

Picked five plugs up for seventy five dollars thank you very much! 

Home for the last DIY stretch

And swore and banged knuckles for an hour or so putting the bastards back in the engine. Dropping shit on wet ground, argh! Lucky it was only cool, and not freezing! Plastic tarp was spread after the first dropsy! And a fencing wire kludge to pry the fallen thingos from tight spots in the engine bay the next time. I do like my tool collection this week, no new purchases required!

Happy at last

Fingers crossed. key in and turn for-

First start, brmm !

Ha life, bloody hahaha, a winner today! nyah nyah nyah

diy glow plugs left me glowing

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Bad Hair Rant

Should I avoid another bad hair day by..?

Hmmph. Dunno. This week has not panned out as a balance of good v bad.


I have been trying to help out a friend, and by their absence and lack of telepathy, I have on one hand been not exactly clear in my communications, which left me feeling an idiot at not getting a good Idea of what is required because what ever I have done, it's not quite right or clear and I am confusing people. I know I like to think I am smart, but at the moment... I think I am on the right track now, but also think that a third party might be better employed at the [or for the] required expertise. I hate that, I like to help out and excel in that endeavour, or any for that matter. Kludging not a good trait notwithstanding that I can do that too. Should I have another bad hair rant at my friend- nah, I believe I have to see from their point of view that they really would like to do the chore themselves, but circumstances... Marvined.


The low paying jobby I have has not been exactly heart warming or well paid for the amount of time and effort needed for that either. I really feel like with a brain the size of a planet, and my expectations, the world could be left turning the wrong way. Marvined. And the environmental factors left me seething when the co-workers supplying me with work, did not get things right and I had to walk a few extra meters and get them to get their act together so I could achieve more with less effort myself...

This does not sound good I know, but these days time is money, efficaciousness is not highly rewarded  but enormously necessary and mental state [happy now?] not regarded as required. It appears.

Close, relatively

Then on the family front this month: My dear brother and family are off skiing in a better place and cheaper too. My sister is nearly too busy to go visit, her time is like mine- busy [family, work], and/but/or with the the added twist of a four o'clock start in a week [here you should be able to hear the Simpson's catch-cry of "Ah ha!" or Muttley-like]. Ah well...  My dad and another brother have gone and bought a little yacht to do up, be nice to live that much closer so I can join them on Port Phillip Bay more than maybe the once a year I see happening. Then the youngest brother is off accross the continent to look after his boys racing their Karts in a national championship. And my baby sister is cooling her heels, waiting for the fiance to get home from the rails... And #1Son is visiting NY and the nearby N.Falls for his birthday next week.

Thursday... The washing machine, another bad hair day there! 

The power switch thingo panel in the hall [with the short circuit detector or earth leakage trip detector] tripped Mid Spin of the washing cycle... Last spin anyway. Marvined.

 I spent half an hour or more traipsing about the house going backwards turning off wall switches in each room to track the infidel, and forwards flipping the detector switch back on. I did not want it to be the refridgerator, but at the same time hoped not the bloody clothes washer either. Cannot afford new ones this month of either after the last six months. Bloody Consumer Society, love it and hate it. The thought of a major electrical problem in the house wiring had me edgy too- what about the TV shows I like? See, I am as shallow as... Ended up being the washing machine.

I can sometimes repair stuff around the house, but RTFM was not going to help me out here.

Not happy Jan. It maybe one of the last things in Tarn's "dowry", but I would like to be able to keep things a long time, especially the washing machine. [The drier is out side awaiting its destruction. Or recycling...] The poor old washing machine, a trusted brand, maybe on its last legs too. The repairer will "be straight on to it".When he has time.  Marvined again. I may have to borrow my sis-in-laws machine this weegen? At least the winter holiday break means no school clothes needed for a few weeks, as long as we have enough socks and underwear to last until Buckies verdict on the machine...

Weegen for the boy

I see that as I get older, the care and avoidance factors conflict when it comes to supervising young adults and their Friday Nights Out. A small party turns out not to be, the backyard late night weather turns cold and loud [unfortunately not  rainy- bugger]. I end up having to say to the 2am laggards that don't/can't/won't go to the shady nightclubs- if they really want to be able to come back here at least another time, then they better go home now, and they were smart enough to scat in ten minutes.

The detritus got up late... with bad hair, Ah Ha.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gross Fishing

Cleaning and Gross Fishing

This is not that it's really a family oriented blog of good and bad news etcetera.

If you know about this or this you know I get cross with the shower sometimes. Like: When the plug hole is PLUGGED by child hair (or even the grey, ok). Or when the drain gets grown into by roots of grasses or vines or trees. Or going gross fishing, cleaning wise.


Showering at full steam (haha..) the footwell starts to fill, threatening an overflow.
Not again!
Pull the wad of hair from the plug hole...?
Still filling.
Not filling due to that pitiful wad of [LONG!] hair.
Need to do something else, check that the drain outside is not overflowing. Again.
Hmmm. Ah well. I'll get to it someday.


Half naked and ready for a shower. Hmm, filling again.  And while the blockage is on my mind I streak outside to grab some speaker wire from the Alcoholery.
Once back inside safe from prying eyes, I bend the speaker wire into a semblance of a hook and poke it down the plug hole. Deep Deep Deep, and pulled out some hair from the U-bend.
Not so good an Idea Marvin.
Return to the Alcoholery for.... dadadadadadadda dem... [drum roll]----
hanger and a pair of pliers
Bent wire to suit. Slip it down the plug hole, and lucky for me the "strainer" piece comes free. Because as I rotate the fencing wire kludge type hooking device and pull it up....


No NO NO Not "Some one's".
Just a gloopy hairy soapy smelly MESS of, well, everybodys' HAIR!
Not funny dude, but I did not run screaming dripping to the trash can. Just like... naked.

That's just Gross Fishing for ya!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So well and buggor

Missed the Action

I have been looking forward to watching the transit of Venus across the sun for nearly a month.

And missed it. Because. Work!
And catching some flood events around our town!

I pulled the El Cheapo Telescope from the lounge to the back dor last Saturday in readiness for today, Wednesday 6th June.

Forgot all about the transit while I rushed around town today. By the last shift, snowed under that I missed the transit action by half an hour...
But got some pleasing pics of some floods too:
Port of Sale, amenities Not...
New Footbridge over the Thompson

"Rapids" near new road bridge over the Thompsn R., Princess Hwy 

The billabong  being filled, near my sister in laws place

Another flooded billabong near the cemetery up from the saleyards

Saturday, June 2, 2012

too quick

Paid that day 
Bill for gasman

When I got the bill for the last tradey to do a job for me, I thought he would appreciate a quick payment.

The snail mail bill arrived a few days after the job was done (done in less than one hour remember!) gave me another seven days to pay it.

"Sticker shock" shocked me as well. Bugger! For that little job?

Nah, whatever, I thought I would do the right thing and go into hock on the check account for him vis the 'net, and sent off a appreciative thank you email too as well.

Nada back.

Hate that.

By the way.

You saw what they (tradey with a helper) did, with a ten to fifteen minute "consult" over old instant gas water heater: everything was working so just replace cover with a shoppè made one (in less than 20 minutes), and while they were there replace a stove top, also way less than 20 minutes. The stove top had been waiting for nearly 15 months. The last quote to install was excessive, but then...

The hourly rate for this huge job was:

 150 buckaroonies....


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Called de Gasman

marvined again
but killed two birds with one gas man...

walking in to the yard, noticed cover on gas water heater looking worse than ever
pulled it off to see how bad the rust was. 
the cover fell OFF
not funny dude.
some DIY?
wired it up, but the wind blew the gas out at the same time
tried to relight the bastard.
no go- FAIL
3 kids and me and NO SHOWER
buttons stuck or broken?
 no leaking gas tho
bugger- WORK time
later- call a gas man- immediate response!
around less than 5 minutes
CANNOT buy a new cover for less than half the price of NEW UNIT?
wow, hmm, the credit card maxed already...
can we relight it?
call de boss- 
"use more effort with pliers, swing OFF IT!"
Ahhch, Bach, es goot
can fold a cover up too? be back in 15? 
Oh, and while u r back here
look at the stove top inside...?
All goot, tankuse.

Waiting for the bill...

Oh DEAR, fencing wire no help this time

Noice cover Marv!

out with the old

in with the new, after 12 months on the bench...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Notta so good

Successes, Failings and successes this week

In black and white: the kids, the cats, the cars and me.

Celebrated Tarn's fifty-first birthday quietly this week with the three cheeky little monkeys. May have a pizza with her dad Friday. Mine soon enough.
[new addition- at bottom 22-5-12]

Family Car

Finally found the problem with the windscreen wipers not wanting to work on the family vehicle. Or, there was a short in the tailgate wiring. The wiring loom passes through lots of holes in the car body, and the auto-electrician I had to see in the end, spotted some bare wiring, on the loom from the car side of the tailgate, not exactly where it passed through to a protective tube, but further inside by a few cm/inches.

Ah backhgh, That Was All!

Mark the car sparky just wrapped some tape around it and we put it back together. Thirty three buckaroonies though, and a 40 km drive. Self findable?

Patience and money, patience OR money?

The Van

Then. THEN... Well, Back then... Last week actually, the van really started to play up.

The battery would not turn the engine over after a cold night. A few times the last month. New one purchased. STICKER SHOCK!
There was definitely a wobble from the front tyres, booked in for new tyres. Went along to the wrong tyre garage. The guy at the right one said he had just sent some-one to where I had just been. That was funny. Until the STICKER SHOCK hit me again. There was bare metal showing on the old tyres...

The kids

Gel#1b managed to drop my old fluorescent  desk lamp and broke the tube. New one. And a ballast. And a bit of maintenance.

Gel#1a needed new globe in her bedside lamp. A few nights later spilt red coloured drink all over the old flowery carpet. At bedtime. Her sister's bottle of course. Another late night.

Son#2 was picked up on his job so he could Drive rather than pedal, and as I put the bmx in the back of the wagon, the front wheel dropped off...........!!!
Another front tooth nearly lost? The first one he lost is going to cost an arm and a leg and more to replace. I may have to mortgage his phone and bike...

And the beer, a wheat milk stout, I started to brew last week, does not want to ferment at all. I wonder why- fed it some DAP...


The white cat left us a smelly reminder this week. We could not track where he had left it. Was it the junk room, cos he fled from there today? No. It was left on some power cords right next to the fermenting beer vat in the laundry...


Trying to buck myself up and it looks like I am losing out more. My credit card is starting to cost me too much ie I am living it up tooo much (?), and employment advertisments are depressing around here- like they know the person they want EXACTLY, like my skill sets are not upgradeable to even an assistant librarian?

I want to vacuum up information, but that is not cost effective either. Who else around here likes to know about and share shit about archaeology, geomorphology, astronomy, geology, oilfield news... No-one.

A fail for my 50th birthday present though- last year my family [sibs n folks] gave me a voucher for a Ballon Flight over The Big Smoke to be taken by May this year, so I was reminded by my eldest son to get a move on and book it. And guess what? I tried to early this week and was told "The company went belly up before xmas, and no-one was told"- so much for the customer is always right?

Cathartic? I have to tell myself that I do like myself, to smile and to vent and rant more.... Make more friends?


I am really enjoying 'guns, germs and steel' by Jared Diamond 1997.

A new Plonking Addition
For my 50th a matching barrel for the 40th, to put the Garage Grape Sherry into!