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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lawns- carbon UNsink of the West

"I Need The Lawns done BEFORE your aunt lands"
Yeah but no but.


Grreat. I really dislike the job myself [ mowing the yard ] and have an aversion to using the whipper-snipper brush cutter thingo too. It does not always start first off. A pulled shoulder hurts, man, for a week!

If the lawns have to be done by yours truly, then Someone is going to lose an hour or two of driving with the Old Man. Or a month of it if it aint done by next week. Zero privileges. So the warning and stuff goes.

And the rain comes down.
The mower is left in it,
the wannebe money maker slash learner driver is Still sleeping in- 1:30pm...
Obviously pitterpatter on the bungalow tin roof Does Not a Sleeper Awake.
Ho Hum.

[ a muttley sound may be heard though... sky? the sleeper?]

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