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Monday, November 28, 2011

seemed odd after

A family run around
Busy or what? [repost from the family blog but fits anyway]

Last week, we had fish n chips n ChikoRolls midweek at my inlaws D and PD at the NuHoose

Friday, she picked the gels up from school for the weekend because I was off to see my mum, so did not catch her Friday arvo.

At 6 pm. dropped into see my eldest son in The Big Smoke for a coffee and to drop off of xrissy prezi.

At 8pm (late cos had to pick up some flowers!), arrived at Mum and Dad's place, by the sea and  river, not far from a 13 hole golf club!

Saturday, saw Dad off for his trip to help my sister boy and my broinlaw for the Garmin 24 at Redesdale, where the little guy got a third in his division. By the way, it bucketed down and the nobby tyres caused the portable showers a problemo, if you know what I mean...

For the weekend, sat around with Mum, fixed this up and that, installed a new weather station, formatted a slow laptop that they had given up on and hey presto, it just ZINGS along Now! Cos everyone wanted to put something on it for Nana to use, it was very cluttered, and glacially slow that they got another one... Should have taken it home to fix- for meself- but thought the better of it, it would be something the grand-kids can fight over when it rains...

Sunday: Did the leaves in the gutter thing, took dog for a walk once- cos it rained and rained and...Dad gets back and I take off home, with a washing machine for my brothers girl that has moved into a share house in the Big Smoke with mates and three dead laundry machines... cannot believe she has finished study and ready to work in the real world of Nursing. Their place was not too far out of the way, and a simple [NOT] drive home to pick the gels up. And catch up with D and PD again, and collect my gels.

No radar flashes or hidden traffic cops the whole weegen, cos I was Very Watchful of my poor empty wallet...

The point: face to face time with family. Just doing it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lawns- carbon UNsink of the West

"I Need The Lawns done BEFORE your aunt lands"
Yeah but no but.


Grreat. I really dislike the job myself [ mowing the yard ] and have an aversion to using the whipper-snipper brush cutter thingo too. It does not always start first off. A pulled shoulder hurts, man, for a week!

If the lawns have to be done by yours truly, then Someone is going to lose an hour or two of driving with the Old Man. Or a month of it if it aint done by next week. Zero privileges. So the warning and stuff goes.

And the rain comes down.
The mower is left in it,
the wannebe money maker slash learner driver is Still sleeping in- 1:30pm...
Obviously pitterpatter on the bungalow tin roof Does Not a Sleeper Awake.
Ho Hum.

[ a muttley sound may be heard though... sky? the sleeper?]

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slow Weegen

Cup day Weegen at Sandy Point
Slow wind days

I took the gels with me to see my brothers and his family down at Sandy Point's shallow Inlet over the weegen.


Sunday- First tried to call brother- signal shite- and nah, missed out. Hmph.So. Played first game of mini golf with the gels. Hmm, another time maybe. Then whizzed down to the sailing beach.

Little bro there.

The kids tried to fly a kite and played with step-cousin J in the dunes and worried about the rising tide and the car later on.

I blasted around the southern end and did my back in, as in, just EXHAUSTED meself! Nearly two hours with a big old sail and skeg and the nearly fifteen year old slalom board. It was fun, and nearly made most jibes.

The speed was good, but I was wondering- Need a new set up soonish? Yep.

A great afternoon.

Drove home, not promising to maybe stay Monday nite.

Monday- Sore as. Drove back down to the shack when school and work was over, on the way had a pub dinner that was just edible and too expensive for what it was. The pear cider was too amateurish and too expensive. Two meals, two colas and cider- Fifty One Dollars. Hmph

Tuesday- Early rise and shine at the rental house, and Pensive Looks at the waving trees...

Arrive beach side early- 10:30am like, and No Wind. Puffs only. Flew the 2nd kite.Also westerly swirling crappy breezes, and Left For Home at 1pm in Disgust.


Overall- family time and some speedsailing. Good.