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Thursday, September 8, 2011

happy. or not

What a Question... 

Wha! Me?
What about you?

listing ?  [...over...]

Not smokin, a hiatus...?
cut down the drinkin,  well...,  example I spose
no womin...woman.
which means/leaves more time for...?

got simplest job in the world, and can occasionally still stuff that up! today in fact
A Muttley situation, twice this week, geez...

complain complain complain

all my special interest and unread magasines
building a small skyscraper on the coffee table
car needs a good service
healthy as I can be
without too much undue exercise
kids as healthy as can be too
so that is excellent
whinge and whine

wanna have a GOOD BLAST down at sandy... last one so disappointing
have all I need without missing out on much
as much tv as I need
internet on tap, wilipedia and g.maps- the world at my finger tips- just ask me, show me!

need more job hours as the kids "need" more
cannot see that happening the way economy and job rates are around Oz

job is not getting me more contacts-
so there is some misleading advice, thanks whoever that was
not advertising, maybe a problem there, but the Net does not help around here, well a FB placement didn't

really, what have I to complain about?
some would say Nada, Zilch, sweet FA!
happiness level, dunno

on the other hand.

model sailing boat needs a good workout, spring is here!
the new house is 99.9999% ready for occupation, on me and ken's sayso

next week- a trip with the gels
their last camp at primary school
did not get to do it with the boys cos of the gels, so better do it properly
so the mags will get a read through on the bus! zo egzalen!

things may get a bit smoother,
no matter the number of ubiquitous annoying little tweeners on the trip!

not chasing it,
just expecting it
indubitably. unexpectedly.

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