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Monday, September 19, 2011

Da Flu, got it

First time for ages.

Just because I went on a bus trip with a load of kids and one teacher with a cold or with flu like symptoms does not mean I wanted it too.

Life is like that- I got it goodly. First time for a few years I think.

There was a little tickle last week, but by Friday- BOOM...

I thought that men don't always exaggerate what ever they get. I think I have. Or not, but I am writing it up...

Like, there was a comment on my comment on The Condition I made the other day on FB- almost a "suck it up man"....

Thanks lady...  :-)

No reply needed, maybe I should have deleted it, but then I thought- I gotta leave it, what else can I really complain about anyway?

Well--- anniversary week?


But I went through half a pack of tablets yesterday! And ached all over when I hit the sack early this morning, waiting up for #2. Dozing on the couch did not help, waiting. BTW, he wanted to borrow my Dior suit for the 18th party he was going to. After work. I do not think he has much more time to wear that suit- little beanpole is still growing, bugger it! Ah well, it is over twenty years old and bought for my brother's wedding for six hundred bucks back then, and refitted to moir... And still looks good- specially on him. The waist is a little tight on me and the buttons on the jacket are in the wrong place...

Today-- 3 tablets, so must be getting better.

Just have a Water Mains inside my head.
If there are any visitors face to face or a phone-call, it is SYNCHED to flood, an OPEN SESAME signal.

A dribble starts down the nasal passage with no action on my part, going down to my nostril, ready to do a Niagra Falls act over my lip and I have to race away to grab ANOTHER face wipe or snot rag or tissue, cos the little bundle in the top pocket is SHREDDED and WET and lazy me had left it there rather than get up from my Kindle and dispose of it.

Cooking dinner was a nightmare, cook, then use snot rag, then wash hands, back cooking and prep, etc etc.



Today, back to the dole office for the scheduled work assessment, with the flu and the anniversary, and find out that I am not worth a cracker at self employment, my assessable income versus work-time in Does Not Compute, meaning have to Look For Even More Work and buying the van was a complete waste of time and money cos there are too many in town anyway trying delivery work. Marvined. A Job Planning Interview next week- with the same people that gave me a supermarket shelf filling job back in 2000, for joy. A Muttley situation. A qualified geologist with heaps of experience, three kids at home to look after practically full time there itself, and the flu. And full of self pity. There is no professional jobs in my line of work around here to let me cope with the kids as I do not want to pass them off to anyone else while I have to work for them. If you know what I mean. Please pass the arsenic. Or the super strength Bundy. With Diet cola. Please.

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