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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stenciling- as in drafting

Up to about 1991

When I was working in the oil-patch...

All useful data gathered by logging geologists when a petroleum exploration well was drilled were ultimately drawn up as squiggly lines on translucent (plastisised[?]) draughting paper, either A3 or A4 size according to columns. At well TD, or when the reaching Total Depth, the sheets were edited, and joined together for the client, there on to be used in a blueline copier to produce a Log of up to 5 to 20 meters, depending on the scale used. We never actually produced 1:1 scale apart from actual core logs... Imagine FAXING that bugger. And the cost if by Marisat back in the 80's!!

This was before desktop personal computers were the usual useless decoration in the logging shacks.

The Log.

I was a mudlogger, an engineering geologist, abnormal formation pressure detection detective. Also a plumber, carpenter, electrician, computer programmer, installation specialist, in the end a surveying specialist in logging or measuring while drilling and almost a directional driller too BUT...

The Log... Back then...
Drawn by hand, with stenciling pens, and using stencils, templates, drafting boards, set squares, rulers...

Geological descriptions were typed in the righthand column- cos faster than stenciling...

But drilling parameters, dates, events, formation tops were all stenciled in.

I am posting this, LATE, because yesterday was the eighth of August again...


I was offshore Bass Strait, on a platform, looking for oil or gas, maybe just oil.

Rig 19 was old, noisy and annoying. The logging shack was mounted on the drill floor BEHIND the draw-works. A long way away from the shakers too.

And the rotten bastard on the opposite shift left me to stencil in the date on the "log"

It was 1988, August. And the eighth day of August.

To stencil "8", there was two circles in the template to create "8". 

So one had to be Careful to make it straight. And it was the fine 0.25mm pen size as well.

But really. Marvined...



Argh. Not happy Jan/Marv!

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