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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Djya Know wo Oi H8?

I hate not a lot.
But Dislikes- wow.

I could go on and on and on

Pruning trees, over head, and one cutting slips down and nearly stabs you in the eye even though you are wearing glasses. How does that work?

Doing the right thing on the road and indicating changing lanes but the dickhead waiting in front thinks I want to to a U-turn where he is, and he does one RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Doing the right thing and being a good guardian, and getting told doing a bad job! By non-experts too.

Go to spit out the window, but the window is shut.

Told I am lazy. Slack, not lazy. Clumsy, not lazy. Forgetful, not lazy.

Kids told over and over and clean crap up.

Cleaning kids rooms...

Leaky iron roof...

Car display system playing up, or CD player crapping out.

Windy days when I would rather be at Maui...

Paying the utility bills, and not see any improvement in the wattage, heat and cleanliness...

Paying a grand for a Sony 30" and the bastard's colours fade away...

The cat leaving messages. Anwhere. But expecially on my cream carpet. Where it can remain hidden for days and drive you MAD looking for it around the house, on shoes....

More shoes for growing kids- can't we get stretchy things that last more than the semester?

Paying a tradesman too much for a ten minute job. If it is that easy, should have been for free!

Mowing lawns. Gardening in general?

Finishing a great book. hate that sometimes

Redoing a DIY repair job cos I forgot one step.

Going back to the hardware store to buy MORE stuff cos I cut the wood shorter than required...

Tidying up the garage/shed........   a nightmare to come

Forgetting any appointment cos sooo busy doin other crap.

The pain in the butt for forgetting the appointment.

Also I dislike really overly opinionated and so obviously BIASED persons in front of me, or on the radio and TV and or in the newspaper. Oxygen wasters and mega-wankers!

Going to work and there is nothing to do- a wasted bloody trip. Shut up Muttley!


Dislike the lack of an opportunity to geologise in any way locally for a profit.

Helicopter Underwater  Escape Training.
In England.
In Winter.
Or anytime really.

Long helicopter trips across water.
When there are tropical thunderstorms all around.
In the evening.

Sore back and knees- so I dislike getting older then.

experience and
go together.


1 comment:

Diana Doyle said...

loved this post tone...made me smile! all of those 'dislikes' make up who you are in a funny sort of way I could picture you getting cranky..especially at the appt one!

and btw, you DO DO A FABULOUS JOB raising all 4! I was told again last week what beautfiul souls Em and Charlotte are by a friend!

miss you guys!