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Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have a bug
With me
About me

I have so much
house things
I have to do
want to do
need to do
and don't care when it is done....Carelessedness-itis

Garden Blitzkreig UN-complete,
still have to rake up shit
cut up shit
move shit
with a shitty chainsaw
on an extension lead.
Where's Geoffry Peterson's dad Grant? Help!

Removing old shit caused
an outside feature to fall down
and that cost 40 bucks and
time fooling around and
making a huge mess at the backdoor
and a big Kludge on a rotten
post top. Extension anyone?

My Getting
my self bogged twice in half an hour with
my two cars in
my own yard was not on
my favourite things to do.
Last week.

Endless vacuuming of the hoose
The letter box made with
love for the child bride is
falling apart... 13 years is a long time?

The gels need desks for their rooms...?

So many
Too many [?]
Sc-Fi mags
National Geographics
Archealogical Diggings
- to finish

Paint eldest gels room
so she can move in
to her OWN room

[breathe in]

Paint the Bungalow too.

Wants.... well don't let me start.

And I find the time for this.............................. Ho Hum I wonder what the rich people are doing?

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