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Thursday, June 16, 2011

winning and losing

The last few weeks are not going to be greatly remembered for anything more than me making it to the winning old age of fifty. Greys through hair and beard, little pot belly annoying the aching back. Need a trim as well. Bothersome bloody life. Maybe I should be auditioning for St. Nick!

If anything, losing a bit of weight would be nice, but choc covered liquorice and a block of chocolate, a few rum and lite-colas is too much to pass up! And the new dinner plates are bigger than the old, and so I have to add a little more to make it look enough...

I noted to Son#2 today that I have not been at all busy with my model boats. Scratching time out for that is harder than I thought lately, or my enthusiasm has been quenched- been there- done that. Nearly full PVR[s], so I am not entirely stuck in front of the idiot box mindlessly sipping coffee or liquor or dozing off. Much.

However, minding the collection of pc's takes up a bit of time too- looking for needs to upgrade on the net, or googling and wiki-peering things also manages to distract and procrastinate things a wee bit. A bit of blogging and associated research and reading other peoples doings... I hated researching stuff at BCAE for a report or essay, but if it interested me, well!

Updating the genealogy... A death and birth in the family jungle meant booting up the older pc for a balance. It takes ten minutes to be warm enough to start pecking away! And marked off my mum's cousin Cutch, the first along that side of my grandmother's neffs-n-neeces. I think. And then added my cousins girl in the births ledger. Losing and winning.

The family wagon is back in use as the school taxi while daughter#1 recovers from a chipped fibula. It sounds terrible as I crank it up and move it down the road. The mechanic I used  for a service on the blasted thing last year was required to report back if it needed fixing- no report- so must be okay? Winning? Poor old car, been abandoned while using the van for nearly everything else. Long road trips aside of course- the van does not fit the family! Only me, work trips and HOBBIES and SPORTS equipment!(This is the Old Adelaide collection- similar in size to current, imagine nearly all of it on a Maza 323? No?, then here you go then)

The garden, as noted elsewhere, is starting to piss me off. The weeds and shrubs and trees all need a complete make over. Long live a concrete yard please. Or gravel. The grapevines have been looked after, a bit early but while the sun shines and I do not have to bend over- bugger it, cut it. The baby hedge is "still in nappies". The plan to make a new gravel path and reduce the greenhouse effect (using the lawn mower LESS) is still fermenting near the front of the brain, rising to the top of it as I trudge to the post box to collect the next bloody bill. At least on that front I have reduced some insurance costs due to being half a century old now... winning!

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