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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strange is life

Strange but true
Woke up and did not want to

Insurance thing for the little business is a mess!
Besides that I received a email. From an old friend. Made me perk up a lot. And A longer than usual phone call from a newish friend just before that- while I was watching progeny#4s' team win a soccor match.

Msg excerpt-

I reminisced about my time working on the Maersk Valiant rig too.
Early this morning I googled ‘Gearhart Geodata Australia’ and came across your sites and also the photo I took of the Maersk Valiant (well, I think it’s the photo I took, as I’ve just compared it to mine and it looks exactly alike).  

Bugger me, I did a search and I was on top of the list! Well, my CV was!!!!!

Connections, is it an omen?
Will I ever get back to being a geo again?
I hope so, at a basic level anyway.
Nothing wrong with a bit dirt!

The call was about how crappy is life and jobs, and our kids (the young a-dult-s that is) next excuse for a drinkies- birthdays of course!

So thanks W and J for perking me up.

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