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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Serves me right

Jones'ed or Marvined?

This weeks stories anyway, part 1

After a bit of research on-line for office goods needed and some insurance policy changes, I thought I found some bargains! It was half the main street price! A whole utility bill cost saved!  Bargain. I was so excited, I spent the next few days pinching myself, and getting three quotes on the so called bargains.

Insurance Story
'Cos I have done fifty years penance, I transferred policies on various things to an older persons rate, thereby saving $400 a year! Wow.

So I rang up the old company (under the same umbrella as the new one, go figure) and wanted to cancel out of one, and the fella on the other end said "Well, you will be charged..." "WHAT THE HELL!?! Charged again, but I am CANCELLING!!!!"
"Wait on,  have not Finished, Sir!"
"Cancel out before that date, or you will be into the next billing cycle..."
"Oh, well thank you! You better check the other policy I just cancelled then too. Please?"
Done. I went into a meltdown, but he managed to utter the right words and ALI KAPOOF! it was fixed.

THEN updated the new place, bringing forward the dates. Bloody hell, different :"customer-"
Fisrt, "Oh, it's more if you have not got that security, you know?"
What the? "Not mentioned in the origianl quote- I said no that, this!"
"Hang on please"
"Oh well, we'll leave it then, but... Now the other policy... Personal use only, tick.."
"No- it's a DELIVERY VAN for my part time business!"
"What? Ah, well, we cannot cover you or that!"
Bloody hell, "Well, who do you suggest then?" I asked icily.
"Try these numbers?" and "Will we do ahead with the other matter then, sir?"
ARGH, "Yes. Goodbye"

Three calls later, end up having a convoluted conversation re the situation.
"Ah, then the business policy, and the van policy is under that policy, but the public policy..."
ARGH! What did it all mean?
I was not covered properly in the first place by two companies, and now will have to get a new quote from various brokers...

It may mean the end of self employment if the insurance policies are too much.

Oh the joys of life, what a dumb ass.


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