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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Big milestone over the weegen.
Halfway to a century old!

This is the Marvining site, where lifes' tribulations, some times tributes, are turned over, examined minutely and completely disregarded by me and the [other?] smart alecs*people. Well, I hope not. Lets KISS.

*Special note at this point. Looks like I hit the wrong key somewhere at this point in time and put published unfinished business out to air, another point to the post in any case, like how fast is the Alzymars catching me. And I was caught out in seconds by a friend!!!! LOL or what! Refer to FB entry of 5Jun11@10pm!

To continue... A. Ahem.

The Marvin highlights of the weekend. 
BEFORE the Weegen Away For Me. A Fiftieth Celebration

I was to get the old sailing dinghy out and tidied to take to dad's place. He wants to fix it up. I am not interested in it anymore. The kids were terrified of the open water and tipping over and It Was Not Fast Enough For Me... A lot of Marvin situations. So I pulled it out into the yard, hung the sails out to dry and let my attention walk away. Until Friday of course. On Friday, Work, then I washed it down, & tossed out any shite. Off to Work again. Back and cleaned more, and out to work again. Start of a comedy of errors.

Waited for the kids to get home from school, packed my crap, showered, coffee-ed up and got the kids to pack their crap in the wagon. 

Hitched the dinghy trailer to said wagon and tried the lights on the back of the boat. 
Nah. No working mistah! But it did six months ago!?
@$%^&& ! WD40 sprayed and nails and scratching and swearing and banging and then the second son seconded to watch duty as I tried desperately to get the shitful NEW light system going! 

"Brake, Left flasher, Right flasher, lights?" nah, yeah, maybe, nah, yeah. @#%$%^ !!
Gee-zars Iscariot, was I cross with me! Timetable was shot to shite!
"Ah, nearly all, forget about the left flasher, lets check the tires".......
Hmmm. Flattish. "BIKE PUMP?!" Hmmmm. Nah.

To the petrol station!

By this time the kids had been waiting for an hour, patiently mind you!
At the air filler. 8lb..15lb beep 10lb...16lb beep. Took ten minutes as the "SPECIALLY designed" digitally enhanced air compressor kept telling me THERE IS NO AIR in the tire, Fill, beep, off, on , fill,  beep.... To Son#2- "Whats the pressure needed?", "Wha?" "I have not got my glasses on me, what's the proper operating pressure?" "Um, 44?" Nah, I don think so, but stuff it, it felt hard to hit with a fist, and spent another ten bloody minutes doing the same thing to the other one, and then the car tires.

Finally-- LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!! But I did not check the spares.... Took off in a pall of sound and smoke. Not.

So I missed out on going to see a football match with Son#1, Son#2 and my second brother(Bro#2). By an hour. The whole point of going to the Big Smoke for the night! But if ya miss the first bounce, why the feck bother going at all! Boy I was pissed off. With me. Had a week! Ah well. Mind the size of a planet and the power is off, or, no-one home...

NEXT day-Travelling to Bro#1 place for a light luncheon and plenty of grog....

Early enough start.Two thirds of the way there, nearly breaking the speed of light up a huge fecking hill and passing everybody else chugging away CTYTY CHT TAGR GRTS BANG CHTHER!!!!!!! SCREETCH KAK KAK a KAKAAKA  WHAT now? Look behind and the Boat and Trailer are sitting behind me, sitting pretty on the road, not like a missing wheel situation, and no one flashing lights or banging a horn away at me, so What The? I better stop.

Pull over and open the door into the oncoming traffic, feck em, and walk back and see that the adjustable leg stand had fallen down to the road, and lost it's foot.... Thankfully, that was all. I had not put the fencing wire pin in properly, and it had taken four hours travelling at 100kmh [plus] to work loose and let the stand down. Boy. Retrieved leg. Stomped back to the wheel and screamed off again.

My boys were on a promise to ride with my brother that day outta town. After the broken leg and  missing foot of the trailer, time to swap pillion passengers at the next off ramp. Swap done. Then took off mad as a bat thru green fields and down country roads away from the freakin freeway [and did not turn left as directed...] 

But we got to where we were goin'. Bro#1s' place. Luncheon. So excellent. 

After lunch and a nap, and just before dark, my old boy, Tezza, was going to take the boat home, but no one had a cross-over for the trailer lights... He had a round 7pin plug and a round 7pin-to-5pin cross-over round type, and I only had a 7pin-flat to round... MARVINED!!!!! I could hear Muttley in my head... trailer departure another time, driver and place...

So a fine day of Wine and dine and wine and dine til nine[?] with three videos and then bed and at 6am- acid burps, fecking shite! 
Sunday, travel to see Bro#3 and my sis-in-law. The gps tomtom sent us the back way... MARVINED again, but what the hell it was a different way there from last time!
And. This time we only left a cheapo windcheater behind.

BUT. We all got home safe and sound.
And had a good weegen overall!!

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