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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bend over Stupid

Jones'd Again

Part 2, the Weeks Stories 

Office Upgrade

To repeat myself- 
"After a bit of research on-line for office goods needed and some insurance policy changes, I thought I found some bargains! It was half the main street price! A whole utility bill cost saved!  Bargain. I was so excited, I spent the next few days pinching myself, and getting three quotes on the so called bargains."

I laid me money down for an online bargain on a modem/router/WiFi and a new larger screen, and waited for the mail.

Yesterday, the new toys arrived. Not shaking with excitement, but one eye on the clock, I ripped the wrapping off and delved into the manuals. Yeah, I do read them.

The screen was a dream, so much better than the old fill-in, for which it replaced a bunged large screen that I still cannot fined the bloody receipt for! The settings had me worried, different font sizes etc between the two screens, yeah two, becauseI lucked IN by having a dual OUTLET from the graphics card on the bargain pc I bought last year. 

But had a job to get to.

Back, and into the new setups. After some head scratching, key punching, AltTabbing, menu searching and a few swear words, the screens were in sync. The bigger one by a percent is further away to the right of the bodgy desk setup- A Roman Column Visual Trickery sort of thing I guess.

Then the new modem kit.
Was Not A Modem at all.
MARVINED again- quick thinking and send it back or search again?

Nah, it was a quality thing, I maybe doing a Jonesey thing with my brother, but then, it was quality and no messing around like with the bloody Insurance Scams!

Set the kit up and it all worked pretty well straight out of the box. Great. A catalogue had came in the post during the afternoon, and my new toy was more than twice the price in it! Bargain!!!
Search again for a new modem both online and down Main Street, found some okay prices  and a sale and had to make a shop keeper "bend over a barrel". Well, I asked for a written quote on the Sale Item that was the same brand as the "Rooter". "Hmm. He discounted it even more! Wow!" A Muttley-like Herherher, I thought, he is trying to outsmart the next guy!

Took the quote around the corner, checked out Hardly Normal. More expensive, but better rangeWell, just in case, do the 3 price check on gear at the RetroVergin joint and Cox Jones shop. 

"Have you got that piece I looked at yesterday? Hmm. Oh, look, does this one do the same thing?"
"Ah. Can you match THIS" and presented my written quote.
"Oh. Yes, we can" with gritted teeth.
YAY me, a win for once, and handed over the moolah.

Back in the office after another job, and set it up, all in less than fifteen minutes too.

So there is the Keeping up with the Jones's Story
Better than the Marvined Story Of The Week.

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