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Sunday, May 8, 2011



Weegen and the wallet is dry. 

Between last weekend and this weekend, the house-hold account has bled red and dry via checks, credit cards, savings, and cash! Consumerism Rules me. My head aches. I need a rant, something cathartic besides retail therapy. Food? Typing?

The Shopping. 

New triplet set cordless phones, half price; Hardly Normal. Slow cooker; Aldi. iPhone and contract for Son#2; Retro-Vision. School shoes for gels #3a and #3b plus inserts for that one too; Cheap As Shoe Shoppe. Jeans noir, pour moir; TargettĂȘ. Deep wide fry-pan & Multi-socket power adapter for the car and all the gadgets; Aldi. Food gets a...small nod.  There was something else for Son#2, but cannot remember. On top of last weeks rain gauge and Van rego!

Ah, I wonder do I need all this? And how do I do it?

The veranda is accumulating a sediment, a "fine-Not" veneer of boxes of replaced usable but old worn appliances and crapped out fixable maybe appliances. Useless stuff. Unused stuff. A larger than usual aquarium and extras. Roof racks for an Eighties Van. Old swimming and surf gear, boards, fins. Old sailboard gear for teaching getting old, broken pieces cannot be replaced or fixed. A huge sale or clean up is imminent. Yeah, one day, one day. Separation anxiety? The Old Stuff That Works should be in a yard or garage sale some weegen when I can be bothered. De je vu? I thought I wrote this a while ago... I just cannot at the moment. Sad really. There are other things to do, like practice my typing and spelling... The Working Sailboard Stuff there does not count here as crap, it's My Crap, my special weegen get-away and do something gear!

In the yard, the old sailing dinghy- it has to go back to my dad's place. It's probably forty years old and needs TLC. The kids are not into sailing in it. My friend Trav helped me renovate it six years ago and is owed time away with it fishing, but we hardly see each other any more. A weeegen away is off the schedule until he gets his life back (and together) and the neck fixed I guess.

There is the old and new car oil and coolant next to the Alcoholery; bathroom and kitchen sinks next to that, waiting to be either sold or given away, and installed respectively. Needed the oil and coolant like a hole in the head, but you never know. The stainless sink is for the Alcoholery of course. The vines and fruit trees need pruning, the gardens weeding, the lawns mowing...

The Rant, or ranting nagging whatever

This morning, girl talk over the phone-line and then the gels wanna go see their friends play netball.  And meanwhile, four washing loads are staring at me each time I go to the bathroom. Normally on the weegen, the weeks washing is done in one morning, dry by dinner...
Netball? Sure. But there is a condition... have they tidied up the  lounge and their room?
"Oh daaaad..."

And then, another call a bit later.
"Can We Go To The The Pool?"
WHAT? It's Winter Nearly!
"Heated pool, Dad."
"Dunno, what about the Lounge and Bed Room ? All week, tidy it up. Not done? Well, no outings!"
"But, a shower?"
"No, the room..."

 Ah. All done nonchalantly and under sufferance but not 50%! A friend arrives early, as anticipated while one was in the shower...
At the courts stood with some mothers, watching the gels watch their friends win 17 to 0, and now they want to play too... Other mums try to talk me/us into it and Muttley-like thoughts occur and then cascade- taxi-ing, sports uniforms and footwear, practice nights, game days... Leave the new sports complex calculating time and money...

Shopping on the way back home. Visit the Nu Hoose and check out progress. Then to Aldi. Oh dear. Just the milk?
Nah. A big arse frypan too. Lights, ceramic knife...

Get home.
"The Room! or no..."
ring ring   ring ring   rin...Oh dear gott.
"Lo? Yes?"
"Are the girls there?"
"They are somewhat...busy. Can I take a message?"
"Um. Ah. Can I talk to one of them?"
Hmm. Buggerisation.
"Oi! Phone!"
Arrangements are made to get to the pool...
"Nah-uh, ROOM! Then- maybe."

Had bought the wrong light. Of course. Lucky  (LUCKY?) the gels wanted a five block ride to the pool, so I could exchange the "Not right" light. Nearly bought a magasine, but thought, Nah, really really really don't need it. Weegen. Marvined Time or what?

As I park the car at home, I note the good weather. And the long grass waiting for Son#2 when he is ready.
To wit, a call, he and his young lady will be home for dinner soon.
Right. Washing out except for last load. Prepare dinner. Bring the washing in and sort to rack or drier. Delegate the young people in the kitchen with rest of food prep.

[Huge sigh remembering all that]


Still managed to spend more on the kitchen and food.
Top it off?
Aven-a-goo-weegen? So far? Yep!

The Slow Cooked Taco Recipe tonight was a Weegen Winner!
And the lad gave me a Coke and Potato Bombs from the kitchen he works in, excellent!

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