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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dishwasher 2011 Episode II

Three mornings ago

Three mornings ago there was some water on the kitchen floor as we got up.

Two mornings ago

The same. They would not have done it emptying the dishwasher? Nah.

Two nights ago
Flashing. RTFM.

The dishwasher would not go past what sounded like the draining stage, and a light was lit.
And Flashing.
Oh no.
Where's TFM! Was it a possible DIY repair?

Read the manual again.
Thanks. A lot...

Find the service people Tone, Repair Time...

Did so, and they said;
"See you tomorrow!"
Bugger! I thought I could get away with not opening the wallet for at least a week...

Muttley-like* thoughts going through my head- $#%^^ %^& etc etc. A new dishwasher? Argh.

Just spent 60 bucks on some tray rollers!

Make sure machine out of niche. Bargain?

Door bell rings right on time.
Race from late morning bathroom obligatorys...

Teenager with toolbox at door...[WTF! Fuck off!]
"Hi there. Um, where's the other guy?"
"Brett gives me the shit work."
"Right, come on in then."

Preceed him to the kitchen, trying to be positive in my head.
He gets stuck into it, asking some questions.
After he pokes around the outside at the pipes and wires, undoes a panel or two:
"Have you got a towel please?"

I fetch the oldest towel in case a MESS spurts out all over the place.

"I do remember a small puddle there the other day. Does that help" How could That Help? Ah well.
No answer.

"There" he says. "Will just see that it cycles through."

Da da!
Bloody hell.
And he shows me where a problem could occur if too much detergent or rinse aid could overflow into a tray and cause a float to rise and turn on the draining cycle if there is too much foam in the system!

Plan B was to visit Aldi for a 300 buck 5-cycle dishwasher.
Comment on that from repair guy- " shit..."

$66 visit/check/"fix".
Instead of a new washer.


*From a cartoon out of the sixties[correct me?]

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