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Monday, May 16, 2011


Bedroom Curtains
Or Home Decorating, a Male Way...

You would think home decorating is for the ladies. If there is no lady to tell you that you have done it the wrong way, Marvin, then you may be like me, constant trips to the hardware store.

Of Course, some people KNOW exactly what they need before they step out of the hoose!

I had a fair idea for doing the new curtains last year, a list as it were- New Curtains.  If there is anybody cheaper than me, I would not be surprised, as it means they are successful El Cheapos.

My original ancient green coloured thick-ish bedroom draperies were nice, blocking the evil morning sunlight from striking me awake ever since we had bought the house.

However, the backing was so old, it was literally disentegrating, especially when just grabbing them.

There had been an Aldi sale earlier in the year, and after I had noticed the poor state of repair of the bedroom curtains, I investigated and purchased same, with some trepidation. But the set was not the SunBlocking kind so Back to the store for a refund. See, TREPIDATED!

Finally, later last year, Aldi had some sunblocking curtains out there cheap. EggslantĂȘ!

With all undue haste, I was there on the Sale Day, with all the other poor El Cheapo bstds, in the wind and rain, waiting for the nine o'clock opening...

Nah, I was't really, but was there later on.

I got to the curtain bin, and all that was left was two sets. BEIGE, and BROWN. As I really did need to cover large window area, bought both. No good asking for a RAINCHECK cos They Do Not, and they won't call the next store [an hour way by road] if there is any left there, Oh No.

'Kay, set off with the odd pair of pairs, and dismantled[?] the old drapes. Boy they were old and stuffy. And stinky, never would have survive a good launder. Actually, they did not... Very fluffy clothes for a week of washing afterwards. Bugger!

A folding stair stool combination would be nice next time. Stepping on bedside tables, chests of drawers and edges of beds and window sills could be dangerous. Just don't look down...
Clambered around the bedroom, getting the draperies off. Assemble the new ones.
Need an IRON? 
NO WAY, a bit plastic, I thought, to actually IRON?
Not enough hooks...

Only out up three curtains, the last one with 1/4 of the number of  hooks and rings... back to the hardware store or Spotless [I dislike the staff there, they see me and turn around, I swear, like just cos I got no boobs, man, really, the money is the same?!]

There was no need to fancy pants it all up in my opinion. There was no one around, really, to critique it.

But last week, I thought I better do something.
The spare curtain lying over the bed canopy for 6 months was a bit too long.

Off to the hardware store. Again. More rings and hooks. Remember the clambering last time? This time, a close call atop the bedside table, lucky I fell towards the bed... And to rub the salt in...

Wrong hooks... Wrong size rings by a fraction, too bad. El Cheapo remember. Muttley was behind it! Back to the hardware store again.

So finished it off today, looks okay too. IMHO.

Brown and BEIGE though. Argh.

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