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Friday, April 1, 2011

work ad- trying too hard and marvined by it, and a defriending pain

Facebook and I may be ending our relationship.

My first try at mass media advertising has turned out to be less than an exhilarating experience against the exuberance I exhibited exploring exploitable explosive-like potentials in new media of the new millennium.

A dud even.

I wanted my [comparatively minuscule, admittedly] list of friends to "Like" my Delivery Service Ad. Maybe gush on about it...  [a thought- should I link it and try for some complete outsiders, with no hope of a excellent well mannered delivery, hitting it? Hmm, might try], and spread it to others.

And only got six. 6! After a few weeks.

Good thing I suppose.

I would not want to be rushed off my feet now, would I? Doh, maybe? For a buck- I do have to get the gels onto/thru secondary school.

There has been quite a few 'impressions'- over 50 in fact. Maybe my service could not reach them. Sorry, but I have to set limits, my good nature and caring paternal extincts instincts can not be bought for just a few dollars more, that extra inch. Okay. Ten k's is the limit.

I may have been using that "Page" wrong, and will it go for a few days to see if anything changes. I was running the Page with my home page on as well and there may have been a conflict?  In any case, I cannot find the turn off or delete button for the Page, so I may have to unfriend myself completely and start again, which would be a right royal pain in the arse, as I have gotten so used to it being there in the background.

The Ad. It was a freebie too, and again I mention/use the word "admittedly". Like a chance to use Google- also another freebie offering, that is getting to be a bit more complicated to get involved with and looks like another failure on my part to appreciate the complexities of modern day advertising, vis-a-vis the internet.

Yes, I thought it would be like a pyramid scheme, everyone on the list would hop on board and it would multiply! They could even unlike it after a while if they wanted to.

A "paid for ad per click" investigation thru FB said there was a potential viewer base of twenty thousand locally! Yeah. Like, I pay FB for each "hit". Well, it would have been nothing to pay for so far!

And going thru the list of the potential helpers, one cropped up as a totally non-cooperative friend.  No matter my attention to an utterance, occasional like or comment the last few years. Because it was always a front and center a "me-me-me!" type thing, and some messages in support of whatever they were up to; but no feedback. No acknowledgement. So. My First Unfriend. Did not make me feel good, or bad- like a business decision, almost. A cleansing. Something less to fret about? They were a pain at times, being an exhuberant extrovert as it were. Usually funny, but going for a top gear panel spot may tell you what the public personae was like... Ah well there goes a spotty decade or two of contact. I thought he would have been a good supporter too.

Others on the list most probably think it's a losers proposition, trying the internet and FB to get work? I see plenty of other people through connections with photographic studios trying for my attention. Well.

Back to FB. The news on this site has been sparse lately. I do not think I am a gossip, but do like to know what my circle of friends are up to if what they have to say is interesting enough to tell the world at large. Or silly things anyway, like I have done- "I like a 16 year old Lagavulin whisky in my coffee nightcap". Read into that the wrong way...

After stewing on the FB ad and the defriending, not "catharta-sised" 12 hours later. Not even with a great dinner a few reds and some interesting TV!

Publish and be dammed, ea reservoir!


vice said...

Cheer up Beardman. Leave the page up, you never know when it might come in handy. I'd spread it but I don't know enough people who are still in town that'd be able to use it.

vice said...

Cheer up Beardman. Leave the page up, you never know when it might come in handy. I'd spread it but I don't know enough people who are still in town that'd be able to use it.