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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I took gel#3a to the hairdressers during the week.

She wanted a slanty half a fringe, and split ends done. Okay, Leigh, got it?

Yeah I don't know either.
A preteen thing?

We walked out the place and went to cross to the va-hee-cal, and noticed that there was a red car standing in the street crossing space used by the wheeled people [wheelchaies, prams, walking frames etc etc], like a ramp to the road from the footpath.

I did sort of stare at the car/occupants with a frown/scowl/questioning look upon my countenance.

Not sorta. Did. It was a no standing place, not even for the blue-sticker-wheeled people people! That was next to it.

Cos I thought that unless you really could not park elsewhere, you could do a blocky while waiting for the accomplice to return from dropping the video off. Well, I would. The boys-in-grey already have got me for a minute overstay in the school three minute parking bays!

As we crossed the street, I looked back as the car pulled out.

The window came down on the drivers side, and a mean scrawny woman face appeared.

"Oh! Did I ruin ya day?" was called across the main street.

I don't think quick after a put down. From a stranger as well. So I did not respond with anything. Not even a finger.

What was worse was that I thought the woman was a mom at the kid's school. Great. Just fuckin great.

Now that ruined my day.
Stewing on that for days.
The term "That bitch!" just occurred to me, days later.


vice said...

Bogans. Bogans everywhere.

Diana Doyle said...

Kudos to you Tone for having more class than her!

Your last sentence made me smile...I can hear Tarnia saying that too, very funny! xxxx x