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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on the ex van delivery ad via facbook

Ah well.
Three weeks and only a few Likes, seventy impressions, and no calls to work.
Off with its head.
No matter the 'implorations' via the wall pages.

Apparently the Facebook way is not the way to spread the word for me, and bring so thoroughly ignored has been depressing, apart from some encouragement from #1 son and Dee. After all, having a few more Likes from the friend List may have begun a snowball effect. I think FB as a tool as well as a means to keep in touch is actually becoming unfashionable. [The gels would say different cos I won't let them use it or msn, I learnt my lesson there with #s 1 & 2.]

Live and learn, and now I am having second thoughts on putting an ad in Google Maps page for the area. Even moaning on about it here I seem a loser.

Money making is a risk venture, but I am a sole operator and wanting to stay that way. Making a bit more by 50%- 100% would be great.  Looking into other delivery services such as local postal systems looks like I need a new degree in transport/costs/thresholds/time/profits/losses. Just not enough here.

A geology degree ain't any good here either, apart from the calculus, statistics and spreadsheet efforts made to see how I am making any progress towards a profit. Noice graff.

Yeah. And I don't miss the "daily grind" of seeing the defriend grandstanding, may cut more off...

And if I hear anymore
crap about carbon taxes
and no smokestack fixes,
I will scream.

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