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Saturday, April 16, 2011

bloody wifi

Referring to setting up a wifi aroon' the mansion.

Little bro handed-up a wifi modem router he didn't need (has about 100 kilometers blue cable wrapped around through and over his new house with sockets every 6 inches) so we (my kids) could maybe commune through a Wii machine with his kids ....

Good if he could remember the password. It turned out to be a good combination that was annoyingly hard and easy... marvined again.

But the Wii connection between the kids was not really that great, I think there are better ways of exchanging children's messages that are so EASY c.f. the bloody Wii!

Arhhh- "EASY"  The word has turned up twice now...

If I may also refer to this recent edition, I thought about unwrapping the dusty modem from its cosy resting place, and employing it to see if some new consumerist goods would also work wirelessly.

It worked okay. Took a bit of a fiddle.

By midnight was thoroughly pissed off, as most functions did work or had worked, but the manual said to change this setting or that setting and then nuthin worked after all that cos I wanted something else to work and it would not. One app.

Some Foolrooms  forums on apple crap said probably wont really get it to work unless you have two alter egos, not one, as in email sign in names. Bloody great.

More fkn addresses and passwords, bajizus. It's only a an app that works on WiFi and that sort of annoys me.

Facetime equals AdvancedTimeWasting at the moment [  sortta like this :-)  ]

But they are Happy.


Had to reboot, reset, and reread the fkn manual, and the bloody app still aint workin. Fk um.

Still connects all the lil 'ol pocket toys but the DSis are indubitably probelematic.


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