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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dishewasher :-(

When the home buying urge was finally satisfied years ago, Tarn set up about setting the house up.

A studious saver and really good miser as previously noted, there was a working on upgrading the kitchen.

Little did I know about dishwashers, but that was an ideal she was reaching for. Her folks had had one installed about when she was a teen I think. Out of all our previous lodgings over the years,  only one had  ever had one.  We were in Aber-budie-deen years ago, and there was one in the apartment, along with the Combined Clothes Washing and Drying Machine In One With A Difficult Door Opening Sequence...

[That is, WAIT for the machine to cool down before ripping the door handle off... That cost two taxi trips to the repair Shop...]

So a well known dishwasher was sought after.

bloody wifi

Referring to setting up a wifi aroon' the mansion.

Little bro handed-up a wifi modem router he didn't need (has about 100 kilometers blue cable wrapped around through and over his new house with sockets every 6 inches) so we (my kids) could maybe commune through a Wii machine with his kids ....

Good if he could remember the password. It turned out to be a good combination that was annoyingly hard and easy... marvined again.

But the Wii connection between the kids was not really that great, I think there are better ways of exchanging children's messages that are so EASY c.f. the bloody Wii!

Arhhh- "EASY"  The word has turned up twice now...

If I may also refer to this recent edition, I thought about unwrapping the dusty modem from its cosy resting place, and employing it to see if some new consumerist goods would also work wirelessly.

It worked okay. Took a bit of a fiddle.

By midnight was thoroughly pissed off, as most functions did work or had worked, but the manual said to change this setting or that setting and then nuthin worked after all that cos I wanted something else to work and it would not. One app.

Some Foolrooms  forums on apple crap said probably wont really get it to work unless you have two alter egos, not one, as in email sign in names. Bloody great.

More fkn addresses and passwords, bajizus. It's only a an app that works on WiFi and that sort of annoys me.

Facetime equals AdvancedTimeWasting at the moment [  sortta like this :-)  ]

But they are Happy.


Had to reboot, reset, and reread the fkn manual, and the bloody app still aint workin. Fk um.

Still connects all the lil 'ol pocket toys but the DSis are indubitably probelematic.



I took gel#3a to the hairdressers during the week.

She wanted a slanty half a fringe, and split ends done. Okay, Leigh, got it?

Yeah I don't know either.
A preteen thing?

We walked out the place and went to cross to the va-hee-cal, and noticed that there was a red car standing in the street crossing space used by the wheeled people [wheelchaies, prams, walking frames etc etc], like a ramp to the road from the footpath.

I did sort of stare at the car/occupants with a frown/scowl/questioning look upon my countenance.

Not sorta. Did. It was a no standing place, not even for the blue-sticker-wheeled people people! That was next to it.

Cos I thought that unless you really could not park elsewhere, you could do a blocky while waiting for the accomplice to return from dropping the video off. Well, I would. The boys-in-grey already have got me for a minute overstay in the school three minute parking bays!

As we crossed the street, I looked back as the car pulled out.

The window came down on the drivers side, and a mean scrawny woman face appeared.

"Oh! Did I ruin ya day?" was called across the main street.

I don't think quick after a put down. From a stranger as well. So I did not respond with anything. Not even a finger.

What was worse was that I thought the woman was a mom at the kid's school. Great. Just fuckin great.

Now that ruined my day.
Stewing on that for days.
The term "That bitch!" just occurred to me, days later.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Foxey Grape Vintage 2011

Da Da...

Picked the Foxy Garage Grapes yesterday, 33 kg at 22 Baume. Not sweet enough, but certainly STICKY!
The ants, bees and birds thought it was time to harvest, so I did. Bugger them!

So in the end, today, crushed and pressed about 15 liters out at 1.080sg, and have some pomace to distill too! I could not press out the skins 100%. Plenty of flesh, so what the? Added 2kg sugar and 2 liters water. That worked last year, terrible tasting, but enough % to put through the still!

So PMSd the must so to put commercial yeast in for the fermentation, and will let the pomace ferment off the indigenous yeast. 

Stay tuned- I intend to try a sherry variety this year!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

stopping or quitting and consequences

So I stopped buying cigarettes again the other day. Think I am coping...

Since. Had three glasses of wine. Reduced the coffee intake cos of lack of time only. Not taking a lotta interest in the kids or other people either, attention going from the 'Fear and Loathing:On the Campaign Trail 72' to TV to newspaper to PC and blogs, kids, and back to work, housework, kids, Alcoholery and back to the book, back to TV, kitchen... cycling...

Last night: slept from midnight for aboot nine hours and had a headache all day.

Not QUIT smoking, which is what they all want you to do.

Like as if I have a really short attention span at times, no little project really completed in the allotted time.

When I was working in the oil patch, there was no smoking close to the well head.
Then no smoking at all off shore by the nineties. Nearly none on shore sites too.
So by ten years ago, I could go without my usual five to ten fags a day 'habit' so easily for a fortnight easily.

I would leave the rig, get home, siddown an' 'ave a coupla smokes wif a few cans an' by dinnertime would have a hangover. Weird.

In comparison, some workmates COULD NOT give up temporarily, and would hide away somewhere on the facility and have a choof.

As if no-one could smell it on them! And some of these people were surprisingly pretty high up in the rig hierarchy, which impressed me, because besides the usual three warnings, there was also the sack. So you get the sack for it, lose a hundred-plus-grand a year and forever after: 'sacked cos he smoked at work!'

My Tarn's aunt Dot smoked a pack-plus right up to stepping into her coffin. Me dads gunna go the same way I think.  Back in Radelayde in the 80's I smoked Outside the apartment. I could not stand the smell on the curtains I could detect coming inside after a break of a few days away...

Once long ago, I did stop for while. Did not make me feel any better. Back on em.

Last year my sister-in-law and I stopped the same day, co-coincidently! Again, I did not feel any better for it. Certainly, the little cough was not there after a while, and the little Harmonica down my throat I could hear that summer had disappeared too... The wallet was better off. Ganuarie to Rocktober.

I broke, cos I couldn't stand not be able to have a fag and a drink when socialising with my other sister-in-law and hubby. Weak.

Then stopped again. The day they left for work outta town.

Then my eldest left home, and returning after dropping him at his new life, I went back to the rollies again.

And as the last rollie paper went up in smoke the other day, I thought that 60 bucks in my pocket a month was a good idea.

But- repeat :

So I stopped buying cigarettes again the other day. 

Since. Had three glasses of wine. Reduced the coffee intake more than half. Not taking a lotta interest in the kids or other people either, attention going from the 'Fear and Loathing:On the Campaign Trail 72' to TV to newspaper to PC and blogs, kids, and back to work, housework, kids, Alcoholery and back to the book, back to TV, kitchen... cycling... Divided attention and  and losing time.

Well, what's going on?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on the ex van delivery ad via facbook

Ah well.
Three weeks and only a few Likes, seventy impressions, and no calls to work.
Off with its head.
No matter the 'implorations' via the wall pages.

Apparently the Facebook way is not the way to spread the word for me, and bring so thoroughly ignored has been depressing, apart from some encouragement from #1 son and Dee. After all, having a few more Likes from the friend List may have begun a snowball effect. I think FB as a tool as well as a means to keep in touch is actually becoming unfashionable. [The gels would say different cos I won't let them use it or msn, I learnt my lesson there with #s 1 & 2.]

Live and learn, and now I am having second thoughts on putting an ad in Google Maps page for the area. Even moaning on about it here I seem a loser.

Money making is a risk venture, but I am a sole operator and wanting to stay that way. Making a bit more by 50%- 100% would be great.  Looking into other delivery services such as local postal systems looks like I need a new degree in transport/costs/thresholds/time/profits/losses. Just not enough here.

A geology degree ain't any good here either, apart from the calculus, statistics and spreadsheet efforts made to see how I am making any progress towards a profit. Noice graff.

Yeah. And I don't miss the "daily grind" of seeing the defriend grandstanding, may cut more off...

And if I hear anymore
crap about carbon taxes
and no smokestack fixes,
I will scream.

Friday, April 1, 2011

work ad- trying too hard and marvined by it, and a defriending pain

Facebook and I may be ending our relationship.

My first try at mass media advertising has turned out to be less than an exhilarating experience against the exuberance I exhibited exploring exploitable explosive-like potentials in new media of the new millennium.

A dud even.

I wanted my [comparatively minuscule, admittedly] list of friends to "Like" my Delivery Service Ad. Maybe gush on about it...  [a thought- should I link it and try for some complete outsiders, with no hope of a excellent well mannered delivery, hitting it? Hmm, might try], and spread it to others.

And only got six. 6! After a few weeks.

Good thing I suppose.

I would not want to be rushed off my feet now, would I? Doh, maybe? For a buck- I do have to get the gels onto/thru secondary school.

There has been quite a few 'impressions'- over 50 in fact. Maybe my service could not reach them. Sorry, but I have to set limits, my good nature and caring paternal extincts instincts can not be bought for just a few dollars more, that extra inch. Okay. Ten k's is the limit.

I may have been using that "Page" wrong, and will it go for a few days to see if anything changes. I was running the Page with my home page on as well and there may have been a conflict?  In any case, I cannot find the turn off or delete button for the Page, so I may have to unfriend myself completely and start again, which would be a right royal pain in the arse, as I have gotten so used to it being there in the background.

The Ad. It was a freebie too, and again I mention/use the word "admittedly". Like a chance to use Google- also another freebie offering, that is getting to be a bit more complicated to get involved with and looks like another failure on my part to appreciate the complexities of modern day advertising, vis-a-vis the internet.

Yes, I thought it would be like a pyramid scheme, everyone on the list would hop on board and it would multiply! They could even unlike it after a while if they wanted to.

A "paid for ad per click" investigation thru FB said there was a potential viewer base of twenty thousand locally! Yeah. Like, I pay FB for each "hit". Well, it would have been nothing to pay for so far!

And going thru the list of the potential helpers, one cropped up as a totally non-cooperative friend.  No matter my attention to an utterance, occasional like or comment the last few years. Because it was always a front and center a "me-me-me!" type thing, and some messages in support of whatever they were up to; but no feedback. No acknowledgement. So. My First Unfriend. Did not make me feel good, or bad- like a business decision, almost. A cleansing. Something less to fret about? They were a pain at times, being an exhuberant extrovert as it were. Usually funny, but going for a top gear panel spot may tell you what the public personae was like... Ah well there goes a spotty decade or two of contact. I thought he would have been a good supporter too.

Others on the list most probably think it's a losers proposition, trying the internet and FB to get work? I see plenty of other people through connections with photographic studios trying for my attention. Well.

Back to FB. The news on this site has been sparse lately. I do not think I am a gossip, but do like to know what my circle of friends are up to if what they have to say is interesting enough to tell the world at large. Or silly things anyway, like I have done- "I like a 16 year old Lagavulin whisky in my coffee nightcap". Read into that the wrong way...

After stewing on the FB ad and the defriending, not "catharta-sised" 12 hours later. Not even with a great dinner a few reds and some interesting TV!

Publish and be dammed, ea reservoir!