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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red Wine Vintage 2011

There was not much to pick this year- I do not know why. About 50% of the bunches were no good, and it was almost individual berry selection! Some had dried up or were mouldy or rotten, painful.
The Pinot Noir was so promising too, so it went in with the Shiraz, and I ended up with about eight liters- should make nearly 6 bottles!
Plan to make port this year, use some of the distilled ex-wine from last year, just have to watch that density carefully, and leave some sweetness!

If the crop was going to be excellent, did plan to get in some pickers, and have a barbie. Ah well.

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Tone-in-Oz said...

Threw yeast in today, but the indigenous yeast beat me to it by 12 hours or so. So going to be a strange, altogether a DIallY wine this time!