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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raining again, but but so much in my backyard this week

We are so lucky this year!

Rainfall in the backyard is more than the previous years up to this time of the year. [BTW, added a new Page for weather graphs to keep updated monthly.

In comparison to the nearest local Bureau of Meteorology office [Metstat], we are about the same. Unless the showers are local only! I measured much more than the Metstat did one day.

Those in the know
on the radio
let me know...

The SOI and the La Nina of the Pacific Ocean effects maybe the reason, as well as a pool in the Indian Ocean.  These oceans are much warmer at the same time, causing a bit of a problem in the Land of Droughts and Flooding Rains.

There have been floods through out the country, from here in Victoria, NSW, QLD, NT and Western Oz that have people saying, "never been like that before"

Well that is being a bit silly! If the original owners had a good record, I am sure it would show that high rainfall events would occur on a regular basis... Like more than once every two hundred years or so anyway.

If you look at the above graph, it looks like a peak occurring now (data massaging- Moving Average, black line-  click to enlarge) and the next dry period, in my backyard, should be starting any moment... Not like there's going to be an announcement- but there is my little bit of advice, it may be the end of the rainy season. Before winter! But, being your average (Ex)Geologist, I like to speculate, but give no definitive answers... until the facts are In.

But when the satellite image was flashed up this morning, I was very surprised at the cloud racing SE across Bass Strait, it did not appear to be "normal". That rainfall pattern the last few days spread enormous falls along the SE coast, up to 300mm in a day! We got 18 and 8.

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