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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Portable Vineyard 2010/2011 season part 2 Bench Test

Continuing the wrap up of the 2010 Vintage.
bench testing

The Portable Vineyard Shiraz vines produced about five litres of wine.

On the last treatment, a bit of sulphur, it tasted a little wooly? I put some egg related finings through it, rested it for a week.

Today, there was a Bench Test, Portable Vineyard Shiraz against 2010 Longford Shiraz....

Well, the PVS lost out big time, so it was definitely Save The PV Shiraz moment!

 The bench test meant blending the not so great PVS into the LS by a fraction, or distillation would be the end game.

After half an an hour, utilising the Shot Measurer to make sure I did it correctly, I managed  to make a decision.
One part PVS to five parts LS. Or 3 bottles plus 15 or so. So out with a few bottles of LS and the corks, and all into the bin again for a rebottling session. Just had enough corks too.

And then the labelling.

Hoping done the right thing, I am thinking that any red wines made from now on will be either fermented together If Ripe at the same time, or blended soon after fermentation, so that the small amounts are less likely to be off for any other reason than not being aged in a bulk situation.

In any case, there was a vast difference betwwen the two, and blended, the wine has a little more complexity on the nose and palate.

For The Ghurk, will be a noice simple wine to share

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