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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Longford Shiraz 2010

Longford Shiraz

This year was allowed to grab 50kg off the Stephenson-Lyn and Harry. Picked it myself, and charged 1.70$ for the privilege, crushed and SMSd by midday 5 April. Commercial yeast added 6 April, and was rocking evening of the 7th. Added DAP and a few acids and a good handful of oak sawdust and shavings.
Harry Hof gave me a few kilos of his best shiraz, so that was crushed and added on 7th too.
Got 16 brix, or 1010sg, not adding sugar.
What a vigorous fermentation! Still going Saturday

Ended up with 35 litres or nearly 3-1/2 dozen potentially

Racked off 29 July, tasted good, added some PMS. Moved inside to start a Malic Lactic fermentation.

5th March 2011

After some pre-bottling treatment and bottle washing and sanitising, it was Longford Shiraz bottling time on my little brothers birthday, 5 March, 2011.

Ended up with 45 bottles, and some top up for the 2011 backyard shiraz after it was racked and egg white treated. There is a little tartness/bitterness but the PMS will fix that I think.

Along with the backyard Shiraz, will have some noice choices for the Easter camp in the country

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