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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work Marvining- Twice!

I have a nice little job.

I consider that I fulfill my hours and pay requirements until I can get back to something else I really like and get paid for that instead- No not Gold Coast Tanning Spray as You Tan.... Oil and Gas exploration or Environmental Monitoring - Or teach windsurfing- simple. But while single wif kidlets...

Anyway- One of my busy days is doing CODs with phone orders.
The first delivery (del) and only on the first run was a COD. She took all my small notes and not enough shrapnel.
Paid that COD back at the shop counter before the next run of dels.
Before the last run of the day, counted up paids and to be paids... should be even...

7 COD dockets and 6 COD receipts....
And an extra $50 in the wallet...

BAH! And there was acall- Wrong bag wrong address- please pick up. Bah! again.

And so returned to first old lady- where's the pink copy docket please? I took it? Oh. Thanks, but can I take that original? Just in case?
Back to van, look for it. Nothing. Oh well, shit- I though I was gunna be in front with notes today!
Collect the missing bag of groceries.

At the shop- hand over the docket and cash.
Start the next del round, and drop off missing bag too.

Finally get home, what a drag of a day!

Count the dockets again and count up the cash- should be what I started with right?

NO....... I had a duplicate PAID DOCKET AND WAS SHORT ON CASH!!

Of course- being SO busy, I did not tick it off the running sheet I had Devised, and also had managed to collectively cash in the shrapnel to convert to notes... and thought I had not paid a COD...

Called back the shop, and got the chief, oh oh, "Ah- um Hi, I stuffed up! I paid one COD twice- dreadfully sorry!"
"Oh! Thanks a lot! Okay, we'll sort it"

Rob's great- she did, and I got it back... Apparently it was not a great idea to stuff up.

So I got a call well after I finished work.
A client had not got all their stuff.
So called up the few dels from the last del round- "No, no extras here" x 4.

Hmm. Expensive. Rechecked van.

Phone rings.

They found it.


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