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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Speedy Sailenzo

For all the sailboarding afficiendos out there- I know there must be a couple... 

I managed to stave off the kids and the werk Skedyewl
(told them to leave it all until later in the day as I had to be away... Being an independent self employed contractor had to have a perk in there somewhere for Slow day. Yeah, Mondays, SLOW to the point of why even get up for lunch! ) 

And get to sandy by 9:45, and leave the water at 12:15 (swimming back to the channel bank AGAIN!!!!), and home for shower and work before dragging kids to dentist and chiro and and and- reminds me of an Arc Day. But SO WHAT.

I can't get me $600 ten yr old shrunken wetty on or off IN A HURRY so I wear the falling apart florescent style circa 1988shorty... And a sort of wetsuit vest. 

It was a little cold, BUT, but the wind was a squally SW to SSW at aboot 20knots. 

I was rapt! 

I used my second-hand 4.2 wave sail from Simon and my fav board.

And the SPEED sailing, it was purfection. A couple of little showers and some sand blasting off the dune did not stop me- just reminded me to get back to the car at the next lull and grab the pseudo-Polaroid sunnies!

I think I was the fastest there. Out of 4. Nya nyah!!
But. If they were not there, I could'nt have sailed- Safety first, f@#& it. 

And I only had 80 minutes or less on the water. Prob less. Ah well, great time.

AND BUT I left at home my new data logger gps toy, so I could tell if I really was fast or just pulling my own leg... 

But. {again} I would not want to fall off- I was fast, yay me. The new harness lines were good, the footstraps need attention, I do not seem fit enough or confident nuff to just "and the foot was slammed in with out looking people! Wow!" I did not spin out after I was in the groove. Jsut did not attempt huge flairy gybes. Did not want to swim back in the lulls or hurt myself...

Until the wind dropped and I had to swim home  A/A. And cramping- ow. Note to self- fitten up ya slack mudder! I still hurt all over 36 hours later. :-(

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