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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Trying ta keep oot uf the wey at tha Nu Hoose Oot uf toon.

Hard to make the Marvin in me not be overcome with awkwardness today.

Out at the new house block they were pouring the slab.

I like watching machinery doing a job, and there was heaps today.

On the way out a D9 Cat was working away on the new dual carriageway that may or not be completed for a few years due to the floods all over the eastern seaboard, and the government rightly or wrongly trying to spread the tax dollars towards those that need ROADs and Bridges, rather than a nice dual carriageway into my town...

Anyway, as the above picture shows, there was big time movement at the station today, and the hard work of finishing the slab off started at 11am once it was poured and leveled off.

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