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Sunday, February 20, 2011

marvined by the garden hose fitting...

For the last month or two. Or longer... Anyway, there has been a very very small hole in the incompressible-non-bending-and-blocking-the-flow-very-expensive garden hose. The type that when a vehicle is parked on top of it, there is still FLOW. Enough sprays out under pressure to really annoy someone, say, as it is pulled past you while reading the paper. Or sleeping in the garden while guarding grapes from birds...

Fluffer. The Cat. Guard duty and Meow (food?)
The cat hates it {the leak}, which reminds me, like in Red Dwarf- do cats get smarter with age because if her paw was big enough and we had handles rather than knobs (old house), she would let herself In and Out of the house every five minutes. To annoy me. And while the door trick is good, I.E. sounds likes she knocks... getting a can of meat or fish open is still impossible.

Anyway. The hose.

So I got the bugger, but it won't reach the shed and the vice- well, I could have undid it from the tap/faucet... Okay, just grab tools. Lots of pliers, wrenches, nippers, knife, ciggie, coffee.

Siddown. In the sun.

Undo the connection between the two hoses- [that's so it goes right around the house, only one tap to use then...]

The holes are next to the brass connection, so I undo the ring. The wrong way!

It worked its way down the hose, and not back away from it!

Well, I worked it, it really did not do it by itself. Bugger times two.

The job had unnaturally extended itself by half an hour over the initial budgeted 10 minutes.

I tried to wind the ring back with thew pliers (tight fit!), but then I was just twisting and putting in small cuts on the hose where a new leak could form...

I know- cut the hose beyond the leak! And then. Then- ah, still could not work the dead hose and the ring off the connector... Not enough to grab to twist apart...

Gas burner brought to bear to burn the rubber as the craft knife would not quite fit in the space between the connector and the ring to cut the rubber out, argh!

Burn you bastrd, burn. Scrape. Pull apart. Burn self. Scrape clean, try to join the bastrds together.

Restyle hose end and re-attach, three times, bevel hose end. Try again. Bevel hose end. Try again.

Done. Whew, and another hour of my specially expensive time fulfilled. Not.
Bloody join. Ring on right wound right, not left and off the hose end...

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Unknown said...

Good choice on having brass connections for your hose because you saved yourself from doing this again for a long time. It’s actually nice that you were able to fix your house, and that your cat is at peace now. Just remember to check them regularly for leaks. We don’t want Fluffer running wild and wet.

Gayle Manning