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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I know I did something this week

I have done something this week to marvel at.

Not a memory thing obviously.

Got the lawns mown by fraxxlerdaxler.

Girls room still untidy...

Ah. Meeces.

As noted elsewhere, tidiness is not my forte, but to have that meeces smell knocking you over when reaching for a pan in the kitchen, wow.

So that's nearly all done- the cleaning, carefully pacing snake & lizard poo pellets descretely in corners.

With rodent killer pellets and blocks laid around, like a neutron bomb effect I hope- and the bodies will be Under The HOUSE, NOT DECAYING IN THE BLOODY WALLS.

Has happened with student housing and RATS. Must have been where the idea for The Young Ones came from; a pommy spy stayed over in Bendigo 1981...

Fingers crossed.

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