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Thursday, February 10, 2011

great minds lose things- like, the mind?

The last few weeks are getting to me.

At Xmas, weeks ago, I left my camera at my sister's place.
We were swapping the piccies of Christmas day on her pc and it was on her desk.
Everything was packed up and we left...
I got back it from her pretty quick thanks sis!

Three weeks ago I left some stuff at my brother's place.
I had wanted the kids to pack things up and leave them at the door while I went down to a board shop.
Everything was packed and I did not check the bedrooms for left-behinds...
Got it back as had to do the run to enroll #1 at uni in The Big Smoke.

I used the camera two weeks ago. 
And left it... Somewhere... 

Last weekend I was putting the nets securely around the portable vineyard.
Somehow my spectacles were knocked off somewhere rather than been put on The Shelf Where I Put Pocket/Head Stuff. But NO, they fell off where the Boys ride their bikes into the yard....
One of them picked them up- in one piece too!
"Hey Tony!" "WOW thanks bloke!"

Today I used my mobile/cell as a calculator for the job. 
After work, doing the count back three hours later, I went to use it...

See? What the?

Have I broken a mirror? Kicked a black cat? Am I too tired? Watching too much telly?
My mum used to say things happen in threes. Too many broken threes here.


Not feeling too good, and snappy as hell well.
The kids suggestions, while great and all, are not helping...
And that's on top of the heart tugs I get on each reminder of the loss(?) of #1 this weekend to a new life.

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