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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I know I did something this week

I have done something this week to marvel at.

Not a memory thing obviously.

Got the lawns mown by fraxxlerdaxler.

Girls room still untidy...

Ah. Meeces.

As noted elsewhere, tidiness is not my forte, but to have that meeces smell knocking you over when reaching for a pan in the kitchen, wow.

So that's nearly all done- the cleaning, carefully pacing snake & lizard poo pellets descretely in corners.

With rodent killer pellets and blocks laid around, like a neutron bomb effect I hope- and the bodies will be Under The HOUSE, NOT DECAYING IN THE BLOODY WALLS.

Has happened with student housing and RATS. Must have been where the idea for The Young Ones came from; a pommy spy stayed over in Bendigo 1981...

Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

those meeces marvining me!

Those bloody meeces.

Yesterday, I thought there was a strange smell in the House.
It was from the kitchen, I thought.

A strange musty horsey smell.
Hmm, and No 2 son said later after walking in to do the dishes- HEY A MOUSE!


Pulled out the cooking pot, and WHAT?!

Behind the pots and pans in the corners, Meeces Poo?


So, now I have tonights and tomorrows things to do-



Looks like---- no tv tonight!
Well half way there, and of course- NO DETERGENT

place should smell better tomorrow!

Speedy Sailenzo

For all the sailboarding afficiendos out there- I know there must be a couple... 

I managed to stave off the kids and the werk Skedyewl
(told them to leave it all until later in the day as I had to be away... Being an independent self employed contractor had to have a perk in there somewhere for Slow day. Yeah, Mondays, SLOW to the point of why even get up for lunch! ) 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

marvined by the garden hose fitting...

For the last month or two. Or longer... Anyway, there has been a very very small hole in the incompressible-non-bending-and-blocking-the-flow-very-expensive garden hose. The type that when a vehicle is parked on top of it, there is still FLOW. Enough sprays out under pressure to really annoy someone, say, as it is pulled past you while reading the paper. Or sleeping in the garden while guarding grapes from birds...

Fluffer. The Cat. Guard duty and Meow (food?)
The cat hates it {the leak}, which reminds me, like in Red Dwarf- do cats get smarter with age because if her paw was big enough and we had handles rather than knobs (old house), she would let herself In and Out of the house every five minutes. To annoy me. And while the door trick is good, I.E. sounds likes she knocks... getting a can of meat or fish open is still impossible.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Trying ta keep oot uf the wey at tha Nu Hoose Oot uf toon.

Hard to make the Marvin in me not be overcome with awkwardness today.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad news for the alcoholery

Getting ready for vintage, organising the grape sources.
Well, I was.

My prime shiraz/Syrah source had a really bad season with rot and weather, which is bad luck for Harry and Lyn on top of their not being of 100% wellness at the moment too. It's not their only income source, being farmers of course. Next year.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

At sandy point

Staying at Sandypoint by ownsome with a bottle of red and a book. Forgot a light so maybe an early night. Dropped #1 at uni. Was bit red eyed leaving him there. No apartment mates there yet so hope he won't be too lonely. Altough he does have friend at the Eureka Tower...
His cousin should be there maybe by the weekend.

I want some wind tomorrow so I can try my gps logger for some speed sailing... Better spend most of the time sailing and not swimming back to shore!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

great minds lose things- like, the mind?

The last few weeks are getting to me.

At Xmas, weeks ago, I left my camera at my sister's place.
We were swapping the piccies of Christmas day on her pc and it was on her desk.
Everything was packed up and we left...
I got back it from her pretty quick thanks sis!

Three weeks ago I left some stuff at my brother's place.
I had wanted the kids to pack things up and leave them at the door while I went down to a board shop.
Everything was packed and I did not check the bedrooms for left-behinds...
Got it back as had to do the run to enroll #1 at uni in The Big Smoke.

I used the camera two weeks ago. 
And left it... Somewhere... 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work Marvining- Twice!

I have a nice little job.

I consider that I fulfill my hours and pay requirements until I can get back to something else I really like and get paid for that instead- No not Gold Coast Tanning Spray as You Tan.... Oil and Gas exploration or Environmental Monitoring - Or teach windsurfing- simple. But while single wif kidlets...

Anyway- One of my busy days is doing CODs with phone orders.
The first delivery (del) and only on the first run was a COD. She took all my small notes and not enough shrapnel.
Paid that COD back at the shop counter before the next run of dels.
Before the last run of the day, counted up paids and to be paids... should be even...

7 COD dockets and 6 COD receipts....
And an extra $50 in the wallet...

BAH! And there was acall- Wrong bag wrong address- please pick up. Bah! again.

And so returned to first old lady- where's the pink copy docket please? I took it? Oh. Thanks, but can I take that original? Just in case?
Back to van, look for it. Nothing. Oh well, shit- I though I was gunna be in front with notes today!
Collect the missing bag of groceries.

At the shop- hand over the docket and cash.
Start the next del round, and drop off missing bag too.

Finally get home, what a drag of a day!

Count the dockets again and count up the cash- should be what I started with right?

NO....... I had a duplicate PAID DOCKET AND WAS SHORT ON CASH!!

Of course- being SO busy, I did not tick it off the running sheet I had Devised, and also had managed to collectively cash in the shrapnel to convert to notes... and thought I had not paid a COD...

Called back the shop, and got the chief, oh oh, "Ah- um Hi, I stuffed up! I paid one COD twice- dreadfully sorry!"
"Oh! Thanks a lot! Okay, we'll sort it"

Rob's great- she did, and I got it back... Apparently it was not a great idea to stuff up.

So I got a call well after I finished work.
A client had not got all their stuff.
So called up the few dels from the last del round- "No, no extras here" x 4.

Hmm. Expensive. Rechecked van.

Phone rings.

They found it.