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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vast mismanagement discovered in a local vineyard!!

I thought I had some chardonnay in The Portable Vineyard pots the last two years or more.

Not green, Not chardonnay!

netted today- renegade pinot at right
With some verasion occurring in the crop ( of two pots...) this last week (!) since they last were watered (it has been wet down here), this means they are Pinot instead (I think).
Or cross pollinated? 

I thought I had it all sorted AND labelled last year... 
I had separated the pots (5 + 4) according to the then ripened fruit displayed into 7 and 2, but now...

So I have (potentially) 9 Pinot Noir vines and maybe up to 12 baby vines coming along...

I am hoping to get more fruit than last year- I made nearly a whole litre and a bit, that turned into vinegar... 
But even then, it was a Great Tasting Vinegar!

So apart from probably no chardonnay after trying for nearly 5 years, I may have
A small amount fine wine or
B small amount fine vinegar  or 
C small amount of fine brandy...

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